Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn

May 22, 2013

You’ve probably used or heard about many of LinkedIn’s tools for employer branding. Lots of options can be overwhelming though. Sometimes a handy list with everything in one place is just what you need.

No matter where you are in your talent brand journey – starting out, making a modest investment, or going all out for best-in-class branding – we can help. Best of all, often the only cost is your time.

Top 7 free ways to promote your talent brand on LinkedIn

1. Upgrade your profile. We know we sound like a broken record, but the #1 activity on LinkedIn is checking out profiles – making that your #1 branding opportunity. Set up your own profile as a model for your team and your employees.

2. Help your team update their profiles. Set aside time to train your colleagues in informal settings such as brown bag lunches. This way you’ll alleviate anxiety about what to say and minimize fear of being perceived as job hunting.

3. Spruce up your Company Page. This official presence should align with your overall brand, so work with Marketing on your approach. Add a welcoming image, post status updates (see below), and feature relevant groups to engage candidates. Add products/services and solicit recommendations so people can learn about what you offer.

4. Make your career sites stickier with LinkedIn APIs. LinkedIn’s APIs are a great way to make your career site and candidate communications more social. Grow your base with the Follow Company button. Show employees who they know with the Company Insider widget.

5. Get into Groups. With groups ranging from "Women in Real Estate" to "Handmadeology," you’re bound to find a group that caters to your target candidates! Divide and conquer with your team and agree on the ones you should focus on. Aim to add value: ask questions, offer advice, and share stories.

6. Reach key talent pools with targeted status updates. 71 percent of Company followers on LinkedIn are interested in career opportunities. Targeting status updates are a great way to engage interested professionals with your talent brand.

7. Convert your team into talent brand ambassadors. More than half of employees are proud of their company and glad to say it. Educate employees on your talent brand. Encourage them to share their stories on LinkedIn and other social platforms. Publicly acknowledge employees who go above and beyond.

Ready to invest and take your talent brand to the next level? We suggest you start with these 3 solutions:

8. Launch your Career Page. This is your central hub of career activity on LinkedIn. Use videos, banners, and employee spotlights to showcase your culture. Leverage the ad space on your own Company Page to drive people to your Career Page.

9. Brand through LinkedIn job postings. With millions of active and passive candidates on LinkedIn, every job posting is an opportunity to showcase your brand. Keep job titles simple, use a conversational tone, and explain the position’s impact. Include unique details (bring-your-dog-to-work day, anyone?) that make your culture shine. Use Sponsored Jobs to highlight high-priority positions.

10. Leverage ad space on your employee profiles. Turn every view of your employees on LinkedIn into an employer branding opportunity. Work With Us ads promote your company as a future employer to users - and their click-through rates are as high as 20x the ad industry average.

For more tips on building a highly social talent brand, download our free Employer Brand Playbook.