How a Small Company Built a Big Talent Brand: The Vista Projects Story

June 10, 2013

How does a 400-person company in a competitive industry stand out from the crowd and hire top talent?  It starts with listening, involves lots of collaboration, and requires coordinated execution if you’re going to nail it.

Just ask Adam Singfield, Marketing & Communications Manager, and Leah Eggen, HR Manager, at Vista Projects Ltd, a Calgary, Alberta based engineering and procurement company.

Faced with the challenge of being a relatively unknown player in a competitive labor market, with a well-defined but young talent brand, in 2012, Vista was finding it increasingly difficult to find quality candidates. Reactively posting roles on a variety of job boards seemed like a haphazard approach to Adam and Leah, who began brainstorming a better plan.

Vista already had the employer brand piece figured out. They had been surveying employees since 2008, soliciting feedback on how to make the company a great place to work. The company prides itself on listening to employees and acting on their opinions. Flexible work hours, an outstanding benefits package, and an ongoing commitment to using the most up-to-date technologies are just a few of the reasons Vista has made the list of Top 50 Best Small and Medium Employers (BSME) in Canada Award four years in a row.

Vista Projects

However, the challenge remained for Adam and Leah. They realized that Vista needed to more effectively communicate that authentic employer brand to the candidates they wanted to attract. Together, they evaluated existing strategies and reallocated resources. An overhaul of their corporate website was timed with a coordinated campaign across LinkedIn and other select partners. LinkedIn was an attractive platform to them because it enabled access to a vast passive talent pool that wasn’t going to the job boards, rich and up-to-date profile data, and highly impactful ways to target their employer branding message to just the right candidates.

Only seven months after execution, the new approach is proving successful. Vista is getting twice the number of applicants and has cut the number of interviews required to fill a role in half because applicant quality has improved significantly. They have optimized existing spend rather than expanding their budget, and the return has been substantial. Vista is recognized as an employer of choice across their peer set, and now has one of the most engaged candidate audiences on LinkedIn as seen in their strong Talent Brand Index score.

One of their keys to success: a tight internal collaboration. “As leading edge recruitment involves more branding and content, it is essential that HR & Marketing work closely together,” comments Leah. “Very few companies that I’m talking to are doing this effectively”.

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