Data is the Key Driver in Recruiting in India [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 8, 2013

When it comes to talent acquisition, India is leading the world in making data-driven decisions.

According to the Linkedin 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report, over 50% of all companies surveyed in India use data to make hiring and employer branding choices, and they regularly talk to new hires as a way to assess the strength of their brand. For comparison, only 23% of companies globally believe they use data efficiently.

This emphasis on data and measurement is driven by the highly-competitive nature of the Indian marketplace.

In a booming economy like India, businesses are under pressure to be nimble and perform better than their peers by hiring the best talent. In order to do that, corporations are investing heavily in creating a strong employer brand that will impress the prospective hires. Then these investments are measured and tracked to ensure that companies are getting good returns.

You can find the full report for the Top 5 Talent Acquisition Trends in India here or you can refer to the infographic below for a quick snapshot:


Click on the infographic to see a larger version: