The 5 Game-Changers in the Global Recruiting Landscape

July 15, 2013

The 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report is out! This is your chance see what’s game changing around the world and what you and your talent acquisition team should be thinking about.

We reached out to over 3,300 talent acquisition leaders in 19 countries, and asked them:

  • what keeps them up at night
  • where to attract top talent and how to keep these top-notch employees
  • has recruiting reached the mobile frontier
  • how does data drive decision making

Check out the report below to see the global leaders, laggards, and how you stack up. Are you on top of the five key trends that emerged in the survey? Are you in position to compete for the best talent out there?

Want to see what’s top of mind for recruiting leaders in your region? Check out the country-specific recruiting trend reports and infographics:

  • Americas: US, Canada, and Brazil
  • Europe: Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, China, South East Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia)

Now that you’ve checked out the report, here’s how each trend impacts you and what you can do to stay ahead of the game:

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1. Fastest growing source of quality hires: Professional social networks

Compared to two years ago, 17% more recruiters find quality talent on professional social networks – stronger growth than any other source in that period.

  • Stay ahead of the competition by ensuring you are training your team and employees how to be effective on social networks.
  • Consider dedicating a few hours each day to improving your social recruiting skills. Carve out time to search for high quality candidates on LinkedIn and other professional networks.

2. Power of employer brand: Forget the talent war; the employer branding war is in full swing

82% believe employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent.

  • Understand your employer brand and how to leverage it to engage not only candidates, but employees as well.
  • Provide tips and tricks to employees, so they can become talent brand ambassadors.

3. Information at your fingertips can lead to better hiring and branding decisions

India and Southeast Asia lead the way, with 52% and 37%, respectively, saying they use data to drive talent acquisition effectiveness versus the global average of 23%.

  • Survey new hires regularly to get a qualitative review of your talent brand. This way you will know if there is disconnect between your strategy and how employees perceive the company.
  • Measure your brand quantitatively over time against competitors using the Talent Brand Index. This will help you quantify the ROI on your employer brand efforts and determine what is working (and what’s not).

4. Stop top talent from walking out the door through investing in internal hiring

92% of surveyed leaders expect internal hiring to increase or stay the same; #1 reason for these impressive numbers is the drive to retain top talent.

  • Understand how employees are discovering internal opportunities vs. how you think they are and address this gap.
  • Update your employee talent profiles to know the skills and capabilities you have under your roof today. 

5. The talent acquisition industry is not keeping up with the demand from mobile hungry candidates

Only 13% of companies have adequately invested in mobile recruiting, with Brazil leading the pack with 21%.


Recruiting Trends Report 2013

* image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center