InMails That Change Lives? Yup.

July 9, 2013

One of the most rewarding moments of our jobs at LinkedIn Talent Solutions is watching customers transform their talent acquisition practices.

In conversation with Tim Potten at Emerson – a company that’s a prime case study of transformation – we heard about how changes made at the global level can impact individual employees.

One such change for Emerson was the adoption of LinkedIn Talent Solutions back in 2010. Since then the company has seen a great boost in quality of hire, while reducing costs by 32% and cutting time to hire by almost 20%.


What we really want to share with you, however, is the human story behind this transformation – here is Tim’s account on how InMail changed at least one employee’s life:

“We were looking for an Oil & Gas Marketing Manager for a business unit in Boulder, CO. We sent an InMail to a qualified candidate who was happily employed at another organization, but who replied because of our proximity to her home. We ultimately hired her and she joined about a month later.

“On her first day, she graciously thanked me and explained how that one InMail changed her life: now she was part of a bigger organization with more advancement opportunities, and could spend more time with her family now that her commute was shorter. Wonderful passive candidate stories like this have become a routine at Emerson.”

To learn more about how Tim and the Emerson team transformed their talent acquisition practices and managed to easily conquer their business goals, read the entire case study: