Top Office Pet Peeves, Dream Perks and Most Common CEO Names Revealed [Infographics]

August 23, 2013

The infographics below will answer some of the most fundamental questions you have always wondered about:

  • What are the most annoying things professionals worldwide do? Gum-chewing? Listening to loud music without headphones? Not refilling the coffee maker? We have it all.
  • What are people’s dream job perks? Spoiler alert: cloning is one of them (a bit unconventional but to each is own).
  • What office gadgets that are commonplace nowadays will disappear in the next few years?
  • Finally, what are the most popular CEO names? You can treat this one as a executive recruiting tips sheet. Next time you are looking for an exec just search for the top names on that list (kidding).

Here we go:


office pet peeves



cubicle dinosaur



names infographic