Candidates Can Now Apply for Your Jobs Anywhere, On Any Device Via LinkedIn

August 5, 2013

We just made it easier for your next perfect hire to apply to your jobs – while riding the train, waiting in line for a cup of coffee or browsing from the couch. Starting today, LinkedIn members can apply anywhere, on any device using our new iOS and Android apps or the mobile web version of LinkedIn.

So why did we add this functionality? First and foremost, you asked us to! Plus, more than 30 percent of members who view jobs posted on LinkedIn come from mobile devices.

A new “Apply” button will allow members to easily apply to jobs, if the job poster collects applications in LinkedIn Recruiter. Or, if the job poster collects applications through an ATS system, candidates can click on “Apply on Company Website” and apply outside of LinkedIn. We’re also working on a new API for ATS systems to deliver the same seamless experience.

“Apply” leverages the rich professional information members include in their profiles to simplify the application process down to a few simple steps. Filling out 30+ application fields on mobile is a pain, and enabling members to apply with their profile removes this hurdle. The whole process now takes less than a minute to complete. Here’s how it works:

 LinkedIn Apply for Jobs on Mobile


1. Start the application – Members will start the application process by clicking the “Apply” button, as shown above.

2. Apply with profile – Members will then be prompted to apply with their LinkedIn member profile. They can even update their profile if necessary.

3. Confirm contact info and submit – They’ll confirm their email and phone number, click “Submit” and receive a pop-up confirmation. Applications submitted via the “Apply” button will be saved within Recruiter.

The ability to apply for jobs on mobile is starting to roll out globally today to our English speaking members. With this new functionality and CheckIn – our mobile app that radically simplifies how recruiters collect and manage candidate information at events – we’re making it easier for members to provide recruiters with their professional information and apply for jobs. The next challenge: empowering recruiters to leverage mobile in kind. But we enjoy a good challenge!