How to Find Active Candidates on LinkedIn

August 6, 2013

Many recruiting firms sourcing on LinkedIn want to know one thing…where are the active candidates and how do I find them?

Good news, bad news!

The good news is they are on LinkedIn in massive numbers:

  • Around 20% of the fully employed workforce are active jobseekers. Even if that's the minority, it still adds up to an awful lot of candidates on LinkedIn's 238 million-plus network.
  • 30 million students and recent graduates (aka active candidates…and growing)
  • Millions of passive candidates that turn into active candidates once you share your timely and relevant opportunities with them


The bad news is a large majority of LinkedIn members choose not to include both their personal phone numbers and email addresses on their LinkedIn profile. For recruiters looking to fill their pipeline, submit candidates, and ultimately make placements quickly, this can present a challenge.

However, this challenge can also present an opportunity. Many savvy recruiters thrive off this missing contact information. Why? If contact information existed on most LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn might feel more like a job board where most of the “candidates” have been bombarded by recruiters early and often.

So how do recruiters seeking the best active candidates on LinkedIn capitalize on this opportunity?

Here are three ways to get started today:

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups that focus on jobs seekers, consultants and contractors (and don’t forget to ask for referrals).
  2. Flip-the-script on InMail messaging…keep it short, convey urgency and follow up.
  3. Use LinkedIn Skills & Expertise section to find keywords unique to active candidates.

To learn more, register for and attend our upcoming webcast on active candidate recruiting.

* image by Mays Business School