Is It Time to Give Your Recruiting Culture a Makeover?

August 15, 2013

Talent acquisition professionals talk a lot about culture – when they are telling candidates about their company’s values, dreaming up the next big employer branding campaign, or showing candidates the ping pong table on the way to the interview. However, while we tend to think about culture as a way of attracting, empowering, and retaining top talent, few leaders consider the role it plays in determining the way we work. Even fewer turn the lens on their recruiting teams and ask: how is our own team culture driving the way we work and hire?


Just as culture can determine the fate of a company (Enron, anyone?) so too can it shape the success of a recruiting team. For example, many companies are stuck in old recruiting norms – limiting themselves to candidates that are actively looking rather than proactively head hunting. The result? They are missing out on 80% of qualified candidates.

Here’s my challenge to you: take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Now imagine you add ‘Chief Culture Officer’ to your title. Think about your recruiting organization’s culture and what you can do in your new role to improve it. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you have an integrated strategy for attracting top talent? Does everyone agree on it?
  • Do your business leaders and recruiters not just understand the importance of passive talent but act on it?
  • Do you reward proactive recruiting behavior even if it doesn’t lead to immediate results?
  • Are you innovating quickly enough?

If the answer to any of these is "no," or if you think you have areas for improvement download Your 3 Step Recruiting Team Makeover: How to Change Your Culture for Passive Talent Success.