8 Ways Pipelining Talent Makes Your Life Magical [GIFs]

September 19, 2013

Pipelining talent is to recruiting what sliced bread is to humanity – one of the genius, time-saving inventions that will change your life forever.

At this point, you may be thinking that we are exaggerating a little bit....just a little. Not at all! Check out the 8 magical ways pipelining talent will make a difference in your job as a recruiter:

1) Saves you time

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  • Having warm, pre-qualified talent for your next requisition can mean the difference between months of searching and a few days of interviewing. You may even end up with some free time on your hands.

2) Saves you money

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  • Think about your average cost per hire. Starting from scratch for every new role costs A LOT over the long run. Pipelining works as an efficient, organized system that saves you time and scales your efforts over time.

3) Saves you from frustration


  • Pipelining prevents you from the panic of last minute sourcing, sleepless nights, and wasted phone calls to people who aren’t really interested.

4) Reduces hiring mistakes


  • Pipelining helps you avoid having to rush to fill a role, which can often lead to hiring snafus.

5) Keeps you in the forefront of candidates’ minds


  • Maintaining relationships with candidates via Linkedin status updates and social media makes the sell easier when a role comes up. Plus, it gives you the benefit of creating a positive and engaging talent brand.

6) Keeps valuable candidates from getting lost in the shuffle


  • A lot of recruiters are missing out on great candidates that they’ve already spoken to simply because they aren’t organized.

7) Gives you an edge over competitors


  • Personalizing your messages and maintaining relationships with candidates will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors who aren’t putting forth the same efforts.

8) Better quality hires = better quality business


  • In the long run, you’ll be glad you took the time to build and maintain a talent pipeline.

How does that sound?

this is genius

We agree!


Ok, now it’s time to build a pipeline - here’s how to get started:

Building a strong talent pipeline is very doable but you’ll need the right ingredients - from getting your team on the same page, to staying organized, to managing your pipeline well.

Ready to start? Download our Pipelining Talent Tip Sheet for 12 tips on building a world class talent pipeline.

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