Chipotle Viral Video: Emotional Content Inspires Memorable Talent Branding

September 24, 2013

If you haven’t seen Chipotle's compelling Scarecrow video, click above and prepare to get a little emotional.

The video shows the grim the state of the mass-produced food industry, and how one person becomes inspired to make a difference. A wave of emotions hits you as you watch the story unfold: empathy, melancholy, motivation, and optimism. Chipotle excellently uses emotion and content marketing to connect with its audience and share the company’s mission: “Change the way the world thinks about and eats fast food.”

Recruiters could certainly leverage this approach for employer branding. 83% employers on LinkedIn say that brand significantly impacts hiring, and companies with strong talent brands can attract 50% more applicants to their jobs.

Telling an indirect, big-picture story to emotionally connect with your candidates will not only effectively communicate your company’s mission, but it will ultimately secure high-quality (and inspired) talent. Here’s how:

  • Think about the bigger picture. Forgetting for a second what features your product has and what its purpose is, can you pinpoint what your company does to make an impact on the world?
  • Tell that story though a video, slideshow, pictures or a blog post. Then you can add this rich media to your LinkedIn profile, your InMail signature or your company’s Career Page.
  • Make your candidate the hero. In your correspondence, share how the potential employee can play an important role in that overall mission. The candidate should feel like they are the main character, the “hero”, in your talent brand narrative.

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