3 Tips on How to Use CheckIn at Your Next Career Fair

October 29, 2013

scott wallinBusy recruiting students this season? LinkedIn recently launched a new mobile webapp, called CheckIn, that lets university recruiters easily capture and manage student event leads.

Some of our early adopters from Los Alamos National Laboratory have used CheckIn at dozens of events. Scott Wallin, a senior recruiter there, provided us with some great tips and insights that hopefully you will find useful as well:

1. CheckIn is all about engagement; it’s the conversation starter

CheckIn really improved our brand. Students feel that Los Alamos understands the “connected” culture of this new generation – and we’ve found a natural flow on how to introduce CheckIn to students at our booth. When they come, we have a friendly handshake, exchange names and say "Why don’t you sign in here so we can have your contact info?” The app asks them to share their areas of interest, which is when we launch into a deeper more relevant conversation “Oh I see you’re interested in Mechanical Engineering, tell me more.”

2. CheckIn on iPad allows us to multi-task

Using CheckIn on iPads allows us to have a much more interactive conversation with students. Before the event, we prepare our iPads to include a browser tab for CheckIn and a couple more with videos about our departments and programs. That way, once the student checks in, we can enrich the conversation with a video right away. “Oh I see you’re interested in Mechanical Engineering. Let me show you a quick video about our programs.” The student’s information is instantly captured in my LinkedIn Recruiter project and can be referenced later for continued engagement.

3. Integrate CheckIn into your marketing collateral

To make sure we gather the contact info of all students that visit our booth, we started printing short links and QR codes to the CheckIn form onto our marketing collateral, using a URL shortener and QR code generator, such as bitly or Google’s goo.gl service. This allows students to check in even after they’ve visited our booth via their web browser.


CheckIn is helping recruiting teams like Scott’s supercharge their university recruiting efforts by making it easy to capture student information, follow up with quality candidates instantly, and manage candidates using LinkedIn Recruiter.

Did you know that 35% of students plan to use LinkedIn as the primary source for their job hunt?*

Now is your chance to build lasting relationships and deliver an experience students will never forget.

To see CheckIn in action, watch the demo video.


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* Source: AfterCollege Survey April 2013

** image by Mays Business School