How to Turn an Embarrassing Viral Resignation Video into a Hiring Opportunity [VIDEO]

October 4, 2013

Probably one of the 5 worst nightmares of any company is having an employee resignation go viral on YouTube and mainstream media.

Well, this nightmare just came true for Next Media Animation. This week they had to deal with this hilarious and surely HR hair-raising resignation video which has racked up over 12 million views on YouTube in just a few days:

Marina Shifrin, the former employee who made the video, is definitely pretty clear about the lack of life/work balance, long hours and the manager’s focus on numbers vs. quality. Who on earth would want to work for this company after watching the video?

Turns out that instead of keeping quiet and sitting this one, Next Media Animation seized the limelight and used it as opportunity to attract new hires. Check out their video response, trying to provide a glimpse into their light-hearted office culture, 8-hour work day and fun perks like a rooftop pool.

True, the team in this video doesn’t quite have Marina’s smooth dance moves, but they deserve a big nod for their effort and guts. So far, the company response has attracted over 2.5 million views and counting. No data if they have gotten any job applications thanks to the video, but looks like the motto “any publicity is good publicity” worked for them.

Do you think that this video response was a good way to defend and build out Next Media Animation’s talent brand? Would your company do this?

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Update: It looks like Queen Latifah has offered Marina a job on her TV talk show.

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