Introducing This Year’s Most InDemand Employers

October 16, 2013

Talent is a company’s greatest strength — even more so than its products and services. Don’t believe me? Which came first: Steve Jobs or the iPod?

That’s why talent brand is so important. Strong talent brands make it easier for companies to attract, hire and retain the best and brightest, which in turn increases their chances of success. But establishing and sustaining a strong talent brand is far easier said than done.

That’s why last year we analyzed 15 billion member and company interactions on LinkedIn to identify, acknowledge and celebrate the 100 companies worldwide with the strongest talent brands — a.k.a, the 2012 LinkedIn Most InDemand Employers.

Today at Talent Connect Las Vegas, we unveiled the 2013 Most InDemand Employer rankings, which are bigger and better than ever. The list was determined by analyzing more than 25 billion member and company interactions on LinkedIn.

Here is a sneak peek! To see the full rankings click on the image:

LinkedIn InDemand-Rankings-2013 best employers

How do this year’s rankings compare to last year’s? Most notably, a strong showing by international companies – 42 percent of the 2013 Most InDemand employers are located outside the U.S., compared to 32% last year. Also:

  • Technology and Packaged Consumer Goods companies – like Google and Unilever – dominate the top 10

  • 16 Oil & Energy companies made this year’s list, compared to 10 companies last year, and Shell entered the top 10

  • At #99, Stockholm-based Spotify is the smallest company to make this year’s list

  • Amazon broke into the top 10 thanks in part to the tripling its followers on LinkedIn over the past 12 months

We’ll unveil regional rankings for Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the DACH region, France, India, the Netherlands, the UK and the U.S. at Talent Connect London on Thursday, Oct. 24. So stay tuned!

If your company didn’t make this year’s list, don’t fret. You can determine how well you’re reaching and engaging talent via the Talent Brand Index — a tool that helps employers gauge how attractive they are to external candidates on LinkedIn. If you want to know more, simply ask your account representative.

What else can you do? Here are the most important keys to talent brand success: