Photos: Best Moments of Talent Connect 2013

October 21, 2013

Another inspiring and exciting Talent Connect is history, and whether you joined us in person, on the live stream, or just through reading the blog, we want to thank you for being part of this amazing experience.

For us, there is nothing more rewarding than being around 2500+ of our customers for three days and listening to their insights and stories of transformation.

As for how the attendees spent their time and what fun experiences were in store for them, check out the photo highlights below:

1. Talent Connect kicked off on Tuesday, Oct.15 in the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas. The attendees are filing in to attend their first sessions.

talent connect entrance

2. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner took the stage to talk about leadership and his vision of the future. One of the inspiring insights that Jeff shared was that the top operational priority in LinkedIn is talent. “Historically, talent has been seen a support function, but in my experience, there is no reason why you wouldn't treat it the same way you treat the most important project you are working on,” he said.

jeff weiner at talent connect


3. Erik Wahl delivered one of the most inspiring part-keynote, part-art performances during the event. He talked about the power of unlocking your creativity and painted live on stage (the Bono painting pictured here was given to a member of the audience).



erik-wahl at talent connect
4. Attendees spent time and participated in thought-provoking discussions in over 80 breakout sessions.

5. They also took some time to recharge in our lounge areas.

6. Aside from networking, learning and sharing best practices, the talent acquisition leaders also got to let their hair down and attend the evening parties:




7. Back to the keynote ballroom. Chris Hoyt from PepsiCo talked about how to make your employer brand more desirable even if you don’t have a big budget or Beyonce on your side:

8.Customers Charlie Milne (right) from Westpac and Jer Langhans (center) from Expedia were inaugurated as the first “moneyballers” (data-driven TA leaders) and took the stage with LinkedIn’s Head of Insights James Raybould to share their success stories:


…and since we were talking about data, we took a poll to see how many people the audience thought that purple squirrels actually exist (true fact: 3 have been caught in the wild):

9. Ed Nathanson from Rapid7 managed to get the LinkedIn Head of Talent Pat Wadors and the audience to rock out for this picture. Ed brought the house down as he shared how his company has become a recruiting success by embracing its quirky personality and slogan that “We are not for everyone”.


10. During the keynote breaks same attendees took the opportunity to cartoonize themselves and have their portraits pasted on our “cast of characters” wall.



11. Fred Kofman delivered the final dose of inspiration in an extremely thought-provoking keynote. Fred mentors many top executives, including Sheryl Sandberg, and he spoke about how assuming responsibility for you transforms you from a victim into a player.

12.  In the final moments of the event attendees managed to sneak in a few last sessions, rock their profiles with a professional consultation and leave their mark on the world map:

13. See you next year at Talent Connect in San Francisco, Oct 20-22, 2014!