Photos: Glimpses of Talent Connect Day 1&2

October 16, 2013

One of the largest, and we dare say, the most exciting events in the recruiting industry is under way in Vegas -- Talent Connect 2013.

Over 3000 attendees have arrived in the MGM Hotel to learn about the latest recruiter trends and network with peers. Here are some glimpses of the Day 1 & 2 experience for the attendees:

Day 1

1. Upon arrival, talent acquisition leaders made a grand entrance into Talent Connect Vegas 2013.


2. Registrants were all smiles, ready to start the week of educational and inspiring sessions.


3. Attendees make their mark by placing a sticker with their name on the LinkedIn World Map -- looks like we have a lot of East Coasters.


4. After grabbing their morning coffee, attendees made the most of their day by planning their schedule session by session. (photo by @HR_ScottBoulton)


5.The “Rock My Profile” booths on the 3rd floor allowed recruiters to enhance their LinkedIn profile. Sharon from Cisco is trying it out. (photo by @HireOnLinkedin)


6. LinkedIn also offered Recruiter Certification exams onsite. This is the first group of attendees who got certified. (photo by @HireOnLinkedIn)


7. It’s all about making strong connections at Talent Connect. LinkedIn employees even showed their team spirit – talk about a memorable handshake. (photo by @tarapaleg)

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.46.29 PM

8. Attendees were actively snapping and sharing key takeaways from each session. This slide is from @StacyZapar and @SoCalGirl's presentation on enhancing your talent brand through social media. (photo by @JennyDeVaughn)


9. Recruiters learned new strategies to identify and recruit talent. @jennifermcclure enjoyed this model that leveraged best practices from marketing and sales departments. 

sales and marketing recruiting

10. Recruiters in attendance shared with us their inspiring missions...(photo by @izzieegan)

11. The first evening ended with a relaxed party by the MGM pool -- a lot of great food and great company.




Day 2

12. Attendees are entering the MGM Ballroom before the beginning of the product and inspirational keynotes.


13. The keynotes kicked off (literally) with an incredible parkour performance.



14. Dan Shapero and Parker Barrile announced the Most InDemand Employer list for 2013, as well as the new Recruiter Mobile app



15. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner discussed the future of recruiting and shared inspiring advice.


More to come!