Talent Connect Las Vegas in 15 Tweets

October 18, 2013

Talent Connect took Las Vegas by storm this week with exciting LinkedIn announcements, motivational keynotes and educational sessions. The conference attendees, respectively, took over Twitter by storm and shared their highlights, favorite quotes and pictures. In fact, our online community was so active that #intalent was a trending hashtag on Twitter!

It was hard to pick out only a few from the great tweets you shared, but here are 15 that really captured the spirit of the conference:

(Stay tuned for our conference photo recap)





Recruiters everywhere were eager to download the LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile app to engage with the best talent anywhere, at anytime. They were also excited to find hidden features in the app itself (hint: shake it like a Polaroid picture).


Also, companies near and far were delighted to share where they ranked on this year's Most InDemand Employers list.


Over 2,000 recruiters are registered for the LinkedIn Certified Professional - Recruiter exam. Several studied and took the test at Talent Connect. Those who passed proudly announced their new badge of honor.



From successful case studies to specialized topics, it was a packed house in each break-out session. Attendees were energetically typing notes, snapping photos and tweeting key takeaways from each session.




Talent acquisition leaders were also challenged to self-reflect and establish personal goals to further develop their careers.





Of course, after a long week of hard work and informational lectures, hiring teams certainly enjoyed bonding with their peers and making new connections.



What were your key takeaways from Talent Connect this year? Tweet us at @HireOnLinkedIn.