The 50 Most Popular Recruiting Influencers on Twitter

October 25, 2013

If you are wondering how to spice up your Twitter feed with insights from recruiting peers and the most relevant media sources, we have an answer for you. and Leadtail just came out with a report, analyzing over 170,000 tweets of 557 corporate and agency recruiters in the period of June – August. The findings are fascinating, and while you can read the full report here, we wanted to show you some highly interesting snippets:

1. Here are the influencers most commonly mentioned by recruiters in their tweets:

most mentioned recruiters on twitter

2. The most popular hashtags recruiters use:


3.  These are the talent acquisition publications recruiters tend to share the most:



In the full report you can find out more about the type of information recruiters tend to share the most (hint: it’s not job postings), as well as their preferred social networks other than Twitter (we won’t give hints here, since it may seem very self-serving).

The data is fascinating, although based on the activity of a limited number of recruiters. Are there any publications or influencers that you think are missing from the list?