The Epic Journey to Talent Connect Told with Memes

October 11, 2013

Whether you’re hopping on a plane to Vegas or clearing your calendar for the live stream, we know you are fired up for Talent Connect 2013. As Alice Owens of Kaiser Permanente put it,

Such levels of enthusiasm deserve further discussion, so we took the liberty of putting together a meme storyboard for your journey to and through Talent Connect…

On your way to work this week, just like keynote speaker Ed Nathanson, you thought….

talent connect meme

As you get to the office you see that a coworker put an hour-long meeting on your calendar… during lunch hour. Your response?

talent connect meme


Meanwhile, your peers who missed Talent Connect registration are probably thinking

talent connect meme

When you arrive on Tuesday, VPs of talent acquisition will walk in with their game faces on…


And hustling power users of LinkedIn Recruiter will keep their cool…

Once you’re at Talent Connect, you’ll light up the camera and put your best face forward in our Rock Your Profile booth…just like this ridiculously photogenic marathon guy.


The learning will be fast and furious. In between sessions and at evening parties, you’ll network with as many peers as possible...



And at the end of the day, you’ll leave the inspiring sessions thinking…



What did we miss? Tweet us your Talent Connect memes to us @HireOnLinkedIn.

talent connect live stream