Top Candidates in EMEA: Where They Are and How To Win Them Over

October 24, 2013

After unveiling the the hottest candidate skill sets in North America last week, it’s time to shift focus to what’s hot in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Today at Talent Connect London, we released our most recent Talent Pool Skill Set Reports for EMEA.

Here is the full list of the latest skill sets reports. Click on the links to see the supply and demand of talent, as well as how to find and attract the best candidates in the following industries:

As for why these reports would be useful to you, read on. Do any of this questions apply to your company? If yes, you can find the answers in the Talent Pool Skill Set Reports.

Are you looking for candidates with niche skills?

Sweden and Denmark offer higher supply of Ecology and Environmental Science professionals and lower demand than neighbouring Norway.

Are you concerned about employee turnover levels?

Professionals with Java Development and Brand Strategy skills change jobs more frequently than professionals in other talent pools. Within those two talent pools 13-16% of professionals changed jobs in the past year, versus 10% turnover for most other talent pools.

Are you assessing the feasibility of a graduate programme in your industry?

Recent graduates are flocking to Java Development – of the 268k LinkedIn members in EMEA with Java Development skills, 58k have graduated in the past three years:


Are you considering expanding into another country?

The UK has over 3 times more professionals with Corporate Finance skills than any other country in EMEA.

Are you experiencing challenges in getting offers accepted?

Among a survey of professionals with Corporate Law skills, excellent compensation and benefits is the number one factor they look for when considering a job opportunity. In the meantime, Non-Profit professionals care strongly about the ability to take pride in their work and make an impact, while cultural fit is of utmost importance to Branding professionals.

offers-accepted* legend: grey represents the EMEA average across all industries; blue represents the EMEA average for the particular industry

The insights in these reports will help you better understand the supply and demand for specific professional skill sets across EMEA. You can also use these Talent Pool Reports to set expectations with your hiring managers and inform strategic workforce planning or targeted recruiting efforts.

Study methodology:

We define “skill sets” as a group of related skills that are critical to a certain profession or industry. Members’ skills and keywords listed on their LinkedIn profiles determine the key skill sets each member possesses. Within each skill set, we analyze LinkedIn Recruiter activity and member characteristics in order to determine supply and demand for talent. For example, a higher demand index means that the average professional in a region is interacting with recruiters more frequently than peers in other regions.

picture by mariusz kluzniak