4 Creative Ways Recruiters Can Use SlideShare

November 21, 2013

You are probably thinking, “Oh great, another social network I need to learn about.”

Here are two reasons to keep reading:

  1. SlideShare attracts over 60 million monthly visitors, most of whom are business professionals.  Your next hire could be among them.
  2. I promise that this post will inspire you to try something innovative and cool.

The purpose of SlideShare is to share great ideas in the form of presentations, infographics, pdfs, videos on so on. The more visual, compelling and easy to follow your stories are, the more views you get. That makes it a great platform on which to do some recruiting and employer brand building.

To fuel your thinking on what to do with SlideShare, we picked out some of the best and most inspiring examples:

1. Showcase your company culture

Talking about company culture is really exciting in theory, but in practice it usually ends up sounding something like: “Yeah we are a wonderful place to work, people are really nice, great work/life balance, we have great benefits.” It neither sets you apart nor does much for the candidate.

What would really differentiate you, though, is talking about culture the way Netflix, Hubspot and Fab.com have done in their SlideShare “culture codes”. I’ll let the decks do the rest of the talking here:

2. Present the jobs you have in a visual and creative way

What if you are a tiny company on the Iberian peninsula(or anywhere for that matter) and you want to compete for the best talent? SlideShare to the rescue.

Ubiwhere, the tiny Portuguese company in question, came up with a very novel way to show off their latest job openings. They created a set of infographics that not only talk about the responsibilities of the position, but also show pictures of your future desk and teammates as well as their beautiful city and culinary treats.

The infographics were posted yesterday so they are still gathering views, however they definitely deserve an A+ for innovation:

Show your company’s best work and thought leadership

One of the best ways to impress candidates is by showing them that the people who work in your company are big thinkers and have impressive ideas. Here is where SlideShare’s primary function kicks in – you can post some of your company’s most interesting presentations that typically are either only shared internally or at conferences. Even better, you can also post engaging quotes, tips and ebooks, just like Desk.com and Achievers have:


4. Let the employees do the talking for you

Every company has very passionate and talented employees who are willing to evangelize your brand and share why they love working for you. SlideShare can be the perfect outlet for their creativity.

One of our own employees, Brett Wallace, got inspired without any prompts to illustrate the story of LinkedIn during his free time on the weekend. Brett shared that the main reason why he joined LinkedIn was culture and after working here for a year, he wanted let the world know what being in LinkedIn is all about. The best part? Other than being a very talented artist, Brett is a Director of Sales – pretty original combination.

Brett’s presentation has nearly 300,000 views and has become one of our executive team's favorite representations of the company culture:


In summary, if you’ve ever been frustrated by the confines of a job description or walked away from making a video on your talent brand due to the cost and effort required, SlideShare could provide you with an easy way to still get the point across, visually and compellingly.

If you’ve posted a presentation on SlideShare that has helped you recruit talent, tweet the URL to @hireonlinkedin and we’ll consider sharing in a future best practices post.


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