7 LinkedIn Profile Headlines Glen Cathey Should Seriously Consider

November 18, 2013

First, the real news: we are hosting an advanced sourcing webinar with Glen Cathey, SVP Talent Strategy and Innovation at Kforce, on Wednesday at 2pm Eastern/ 11am Pacific, and it WILL be epic.

I say that with not one shred of arrogance. We’re merely hosting it. Based on previous outings, its epic-ness will be 100% courtesy of Mr. Boolean Blackbelt himself. We’ve featured Glen as a speaker on close to a dozen occasions now, and I’ve never seen the crowd walk away less than dazzled, even if they’ve heard him speak before. If you’re new to his teachings, he will make you think about the art and science of finding people in an entirely different light.

But I look at Glen’s profile and, well, I’m a little disappointed. It’s all very impressive – 19th most connected on LinkedIn, 15K visitors to his blog a week, more endorsements than I’ve ever seen…and yet somehow it doesn’t quite capture his magic, his ability to deliver game-changing information to sourcers and full-cycle recruiters everywhere.

glen cathey lord of the stringsSo today I’d like to propose a few alternative LinkedIn profile headlines for Glen to consider going forward, that hint at his legendary skills (If you dislike bad puns and alliteration, please stop reading right now).

1. The Boolean Baron

2. The Sultan of Search

3. I once beat Chuck Norris in a Source-Off

4. The Wizard of AND-OR-NOT

5. I successfully found Whitey Bulger Three Years Before The Feds

6. Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Sourcer (okay, maybe that one doesn’t quite work)

And my personal recommendation:

7. Lord of the (St)rings

Glen, I’m joking about the headlines (except perhaps that last one). Everyone else: I’m not joking about the epic webinar, and I hope you’ll join us. Please note: we won't be sharing the slides or a recording after this one, so catch it live or never.