How Talent Acquisition Can Boost Your Company's Performance by 36%

November 4, 2013

The idea of collaboration between Talent Acquisition and Marketing is not a new one. It makes sense: just as marketers manage their consumer brand to create brand loyalists, recruiters manage their talent brand to build and retain dedicated employees. And with the surge of engagement on social media platforms, both audiences play increasingly powerful roles in shaping a company’s brand perception – good or bad.

This shift in brand communication is now a reality for marketers and recruiters. And by developing a consistent, authentic brand strategy, both parties will have an easier time not only attracting top talent, but acquiring loyal customers, and enjoying significant financial dividends.

Recent research from Lippincott and LinkedIn shows companies with strong consumer and talent brands financially outperform their peers by 36%.

Lippincott-company-performance-reseach-brand strategy

However, aligning your brand strategy for Talent Acquisition and Marketing is easier said than done. To help with that here are four tips that will get you started:

1. Answer Key Questions

  • Consistently message both customers and employees, explaining who you are, what you believe in and why your employees go to work every day

2. Synchronize Talent Acquisition and Marketing

  • Ensure your executives are on board and that they are willing to promote this strategy

  • Bring partners to the table, including Marketing and Communications

  • Establish a brand task force along with the other stakeholders and use it tackle important projects

3. Turn Marketing Inward

  • Encourage social participation by sharing content that your employees and followers would like to repost

  • Educate employees on your brand so that they can spread the message

4.  Measure Your Talent Brand

  • Diagnose to evaluate where you stand against competitors

  • Respond by adapting your strategy to develop a influential talent brand

  • Continue to measure over time and optimize

Check out our latest white paper and webcast recording to learn more about how to align your consumer and talent brand and how to ensure your company is among the top-performing brands.