Review of 2013 Talent Solutions Products: The Haiku Edition

December 17, 2013

This post was put together in collaboration with Sankar Venkatraman

I’ve always been a closet poetry geek. Something not on my LinkedIn profile: many moons ago, I won my high school creative writing prize for penning a series of sonnets. (Seriously: who else has written a sonnet in the last 200 years?)

When asked to recap our Talent Solutions product enhancements for 2013, the inner poet in me was moved. I did what any 21st century time-crunched poet might do, and resorted to haiku format.

For the non-poetry lovers, feel free to skip ahead to the SlideShare below. For all others, here goes:

And so, the year’s up.
In 12 months, our products saw
Enhancements galore.

To describe them all
Would be overkill (even
for haiku lovers).

I’ll try really hard
To hold my syllable count
And hit the highlights.

First, an uber-theme:
Pretty much everything’s now
Mobile optimized.

Work with Us Ads? Check.
LinkedIn Recruiter app? Check.
Jobs? Sponsored Jobs? Check.

Why does this matter?
Your candidates are mobile,
You need to be too!

Next up: Recruiter.
Its new home page helps you find,
Curate and contact.

Algorithms like
People You May Want To Hire
Recommend talent.

Email-based import
Helps you upload resumes
Delightfully fast.

Want to vet someone?
Inside Opinion shows you
Which colleagues know them.

Career fair junkie?
So long, paper resumes!
CheckIn captures leads.

On Company Page,
Post career-friendly updates
Straight from Recruiter.

For more improvements
Way too numerous to list,
See SlideShare below.

Aced it all? Now get
LinkedIn Certified to show
You know Recruiter.

Last, content-rich jobs
Help showcase your company
As a cool workplace.

For all the above,
Kudos to our Product team
They’re fiendishly smart.

But here’s the REAL deal:
If you like what I just shared,
Thank our customers.

They keep us honest,
Inspire us to achieve more,
Test all our new stuff.

The key question is…
Will Santa bring Recruiter?
I hope you’ve been nice!