4 Ways Recruiters Can Take Advantage of LinkedIn University Pages

December 9, 2013

In the mist of career fairs and information sessions, recruiters are asking the same question: “How can I leverage LinkedIn to recruit students?” This summer, our Higher Ed team launched LinkedIn University Pages, a cornerstone of our effort to help students transition from campus to successful careers.


Here are 4 tips on how recruiters can leverage University Pages to engage with students:

1. Deepen relationships with your top schools:

University Pages are a great place to get regular updates from the schools, so you stay informed about news and activities important to them. Start searching and following your top schools, then…

2. Join the conversation: 

University Pages give you an opportunity to engage with the school community: share an article, ask a poll like “Students: what do you care most about in a career? Access to mentors, compensation & benefits, opportunity to grow in the role…” Don’t leave without liking, commenting, or asking a question on the University Page wall, then…

3. Discover similar schools:

Curious which other universities you could be recruiting from? Find the “Similar Schools” module on the right rail of the University Page. The schools highlighted share alumni with similar career outcomes as the university you are visiting.

In the words of Shane Hicks, VP of Global Talent at Epicor Software in the UK, “Last week, my manager asked me to identify 3 untapped US universities with talent in Tech. I had 1 hour before leaving for vacation and using the LinkedIn Alumni Tool and University Pages, it was easy...a great example of applying big data and recruiting!”

Explore other schools with similar career outcomes as your top schools, then…

4. Identify top graduates:

Want to hire top talent from anywhere in the country? Click on “Explore Careers of Alumni” and head over to the LinkedIn Alumni Tool. Then, select graduation dates 2010-2013 and drill down on facets like “What they studied” and “What they’re skilled at” to find top candidates for the roles you’re looking to fill.

University Pages are one example of how to engage with the school community and find top student talent (and there are 30M students and recent grads on LinkedIn). If you’re interested in learning more about university recruiting strategies on LinkedIn, tune in for our December 11th webinar: University Recruiting: Make Your Company Stand Out.

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