Snack on This: Fascinating Facts about Talent in the Food Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 13, 2013

‘Tis the season… for eating (and hiring people who prepare the delicious treats you love).

As some of us know only too well, holidays are the time of the year when people eat the most so we decided to do a deep dive on talent in the food industries, including food production and food & beverage. What are this year’s hiring trends in food? And what does it take to make it as a food professional? For one thing, it requires far more than cooking skills.

According to our findings, food professionals are:

Left and right-brained

Food professionals are both customer-centric and analytical, with customer service topping the list of most popular skills, followed closely by quantitative skills, like inventory management.


Where in the US is there the highest concentration of food professionals? They span the nation, with particularly strong representation in the Midwest.

Small is big

With 74% of companies in the food industry employing fifty people or fewer, small businesses make up a large share of the market.

Here’s some more food for thought:

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