Your 2014 Small Business Recruiting Checklist: Make This Year Count

January 7, 2014

Quick quiz:

On January 1, I was:

a) Thinking about my bulletproof 2014 recruiting plan/how I’m going to spend my massive 2014 recruiting budget

b) Panicking because I don’t have a bulletproof 2014 recruiting plan/massive 2014 recruiting budget

c) Chugging Gatorade and aspirin

If you’re a small business and you answered b) or c), you’re in luck.

Tomorrow at 11am PT/2pm ET my colleagues Leela Srinivasan and Maria Ignatova will host a free webcast: “Your 2014 Small Business Recruiting Checklist: Make This Year Count.” They’ll cover the 5 recruiting investments you can make even on a small budget that will save you time and resources and help you grow faster this year. Here’s a sneak preview:

Recommendation #1: Know Your Audience. Knowing your audience is critical for small businesses because most don’t have the time or resources to be everything to everyone. Understand your target candidates with candidate research and new hire interviews. Create “personas” (more on this tomorrow!) to save time and better communicate with talent.

To learn more and get the rest of your headache-free 2014 Recruiting Checklist, register for free here!

* image by Merixon