Recruiting: The Greatest Love Story of All, Told in 8 Vignettes

February 14, 2014

Last Valentine’s Day we told you just how much we love you.

Although we feel just as strongly about it this year, we wanted to sit you down and have a serious conversation. It’s a conversation about your career.

Do you love what you do?

Despite the long hours…difficult hiring managers…lack of enough resources…do you wake up energized every day, knowing that what you do makes all the difference in the world?

Do you know that the cumulative human impact of your recruiting department is probably more meaningful and powerful than any of the products and services your company creates? And that without you, there would be no products or services?

Do you know that you, single-handedly, have the power to change lives for the better?

If you hesitated even for a second or even if every answer was a resounding “yes”…please read on.

Here are 8 inspiring snippets that talent acquisition heroes like you shared.

They just wanted to remind us that being a recruiter is an amazing experience and that on this day…and every other of the year, you should remember to love your job because it’s second to none. 

chris hoyt“Some of my favorite memories about recruiting are related to the impact a new job can have on a person, a family, a household.  I’ll never forget making an offer to a young woman in San Ramon, California.  The moment I asked her if she’d join our team she jumped up and ran out of the room without a word.  After a moment (of shock) I walked out of the interview room and to the lobby of our building to find her hugging her dad and crying.  Her new job would save their house and keep them afloat in a tough economy.  (I did hang around the lobby until she formally accepted the offer, of course.)” – Chris Hoyt, PepsiCo


Pamela-Selby"At the end of the day, recruiting is a feel-good business! Knowing that you have provided career opportunity for talent professionals while simultaneously increasing the business’ ability to drive value, makes the win-win sweet every time!" Pamela Selby, Coca-Cola



“There's nothing better than extending the offer and shaking the person's hand and seeing that smile. That's the one thing that inspires me – the ability to help change someone's life for the better.” – Troy Grabel, Lean Logistics


Angela-Farrelly“We literally have people telling us that this is their dream job and dream company. It’s amazing to see the emotional reaction when you tell someone they have secured the role they’ve always wanted. It’s a joy to pass them in the hub or the runway as they thank you and tell you how happy they are to be here. Seeing them become successful in their new roles and the achievements they make in the business is so rewarding. We literally make a difference to the bottom line by securing great talent that takes us beyond our business goals.” Angela Farrelly, Air New Zealand


tey-scott"When we help people create economic prosperity for themselves through making the match between them and a new, different or better job – we are fundamentally changing the trajectory of their life and the life of those connected to them. With unemployment at an all time high, the recruiting profession will play a significant role in the development and proliferation of a global economic graph… what's not to love about that?"Tey Scott, LinkedIn


Ann-Barrett"For me, working across boundaries has been an extremely rewarding part of recruiting. I've been fortunate enough to meet and work with people in Asia, Europe, North American, Australia and South America. Getting to understand people, markets, drivers and processes has been a wonderful learning and growing opportunity."Ann Barrett, Sun Life Financial


Brent-Tignor"What is most rewarding to me is having the opportunity to identify and acquire actual talent, not just people who check the experience boxes on the job description.  I'm passionate about helping individuals to maximize their capabilities and reach their career goals.  By doing this, I am able to have visible positive impact on both the individual and the business."Brent Tignor, Stepan Company


phil hendrickson"That phone call, email, or InMail you weren’t expecting that changes your life for the better. The act of approaching a stranger out of the blue with an opportunity that transforms their lives, grows their career in a role that is better for them--this never gets old. Being able to have this impact on a person’s life and family brings me happiness and inspires me to improve the art of recruiting."  Phil Hendrickson, Starbucks Coffee Company


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* image by Dave