20 Inspiring Pieces of Advice from Fellow Recruiters

March 24, 2014

A dose of good advice is always useful especially if it makes us better and happier at work.

Being a little competitive, we decided to up the ante and share with you not only “good advice” but some of the “best advice” floating out there when it comes to recruiting.

We asked 20 talent acquisition leaders to share with us “What’s the best advice you ever got?” and compiled their answers in the presentation below. It’s amazing to see the range of answers we received:

Naturally, leaders shared recruiting advice on candidate experience and interview lessons:

Best Recruiting Advice


And recruiters in the trenches explained how to make sure you don't lead on candidates:



Interestingly, recruiters highlighted life lessons from touching childhood memories:



They also emphasized the importance of values such as work ethic and honesty:



Of course, there are also few fun pieces of advice that put everything in perspective:



Whether you need motivation on a Monday, or inspiration to take on a new challenge, click through the SlideShare below to see 20 inspiring pieces of advice from fellow recruiters and talent acquisition leaders, such as Jer Langhans at WhitePages.com, Andy Kim at Trace3, Samantha Maldonado-Quiles at Foot Locker, Amy Fischer at The Andersons Inc, and many more.

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