CheckIn, LinkedIn’s App for Lead Capture at Career Events, Gets Two New Upgrades

March 4, 2014

Last summer, we launched CheckIn -- a mobile web app that lets you instantly capture leads at events and manage them easily in LinkedIn Recruiter. CheckIn is part of our push to eliminate the hassle of paper resumes and sign-in sheets used to keep – or more likely, lose - track of the hundreds of candidates you meet at recruiting events.

Today, we are announcing two new features to CheckIn that will further enhance how you manage and qualify top talent.

1. More flexible CheckIn questions:

We've not only added more question options but also given you the ability to customize the answer selections. For example, you can ask students to specify their GPA and anticipated graduation date.

Robust CheckIn search filters:

Once your leads have checked in, you can use intuitive search filters to quickly hone in on the right candidates based on the information they have shared. For example, you can filter for students who have 3.0+ GPA and who are planning to graduate in Spring of 2014. CheckIn search filters are now integrated in Recruiter search for every CheckIn event.

checkin filters

To give you the chance to experience the new CheckIn enhancements, we’ve given every LinkedIn Recruiter contract access to a limited free trial.  Simply log into Recruiter to try it out. First, click on “More”, then “CheckIn” in your navigation bar. With just a few clicks, you can set up a personalized CheckIn form to track, manage and contact candidates at recruiting events.

Not yet a Recruiter user? Contact us for your free demo of CheckIn.

Check out this SlideShare to see the new CheckIn features and get a quick refresher on the product:

Why use CheckIn? Scott Stockwell, Recruiting Manager at Shutterfly, says it best:

“Paper resumes are so laborious. They not only have turned Career Fair conversations into robotic experiences, but you then have to lug them back with you. Once home, those live paper resumes need to be turned into electronic copies to send to Hiring Managers…..and then must be kept for a minimum of two years per retention policies. We decided it was time to turn Career Fair management on its head, and that meant going paperless. CheckIn has allowed us to take this huge step.”

Best of luck battling the resume pile during college recruiting season – we’re here to help!

* image by  Mays Business School