GE Glitzes Up Employer Branding With This Beautiful Story

March 14, 2014

If you haven’t seen the video above, scroll up and watch it. That’s what an employer branding video with 2,000,000 views looks like. It doesn’t rely on shock value and it’s not by the latest tech darling. It’s by General Electric.

The video shows a little girl using her wondrous imagination to describe what her mom does for work. A mash-up of science fiction and fantasy fills the screen as she explains in a simple and fascinating way her mother's complex job in a large business. It's both magical and inspirational, sharing GE's larger initiative to showcase their diverse operations and products.

Linda Boff, GE's executive director of global brand marketing, explains in AdAge that the company wanted to tell "a single story and unite what it is we do." Not only does GE's story unify the conglomerate’s various product lines and industries, but it also conjoins the marketing and talent acquisition department. Yes, this video is an excellent example of talent brand aligning with the corporate brand.

While most companies don’t have million-dollar budgets to create blockbuster videos like this, you can certainly create your own inspiring narrative. Using the same concept, Visa produced a heartfelt family film to highlight the company lifestyle. The video features family members sharing the impact their Visa employee has on the world. This version was quickly produced with a more natural approach, yet still conveyed the same celebration of their talented employees.

So what can you take away from these great talent brand examples?

1. Align with the corporate brand.

We’ll say it over and over again, your talent acquisition department should work hand-in-hand with the marketing department. Not only will it ensure the same messaging, but you could possibly team up budgets and resources to make a bigger splash.

2. Find that emotional appeal.

Once you determine your talent brand narrative, find a way to communicate that with emotion. GE evoked nostalgia and an element of surprise, while Visa filled your hearts with joy and love. Make an emotional connection between your talent brand and your potential candidate, and you will have them hooked.

3. Share your story beyond corporate avenues.

Not only did GE broadcast this commercial on-air and online, the company also weaved this ad onto their GE Careers Blog and their LinkedIn Career Page, making “imagination” an important quality to their talent search. Visa also highlighted this video onto their LinkedIn Career Page.

Celebrate your employees' amazing impact or unique skills, and it will attract the top quality candidates you seek for your company.

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