What’s NOT on Your LinkedIn Profile? 16 Top Recruiters Respond

March 28, 2014


Recruiters spend a lot of their time polishing their LinkedIn presence, so we always wondered... are there any outrageous and fun elements that didn’t make the cut? As a matter of fact, that’s the question the LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner asks new LinkedIn employees at every biweekly all-hands meeting.

Eager to find out, we asked 16 talent acquisition leaders who attended Talent Connect to share their deep and not-so-dark secrets.

The answers of course did not disappoint. Without spoiling the fun, it’s clear that humor and recruiting are joined at the hip, given answers included both clowning around and stand-up comedy.

So, who’s a closet bowler and who dominates the tennis courts? Check out the hidden skills of Stacy Donovan ZaparFred CrosonArnaud KermoucheEd NathansonBrent AmundsonKasey HurlbuttMelissa ThompsonJer LanghansL.J. BrockJennifer ShappleyLars SchmidtBrian KellySusan HollingsheadDanny Ollier, and Lee Liu in the video above. They may surprise you!

So what’s one thing that’s not on YOUR LinkedIn profile? Tweet us at @HireOnLinkedIn.

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