5 Ways to Showcase Your Talent Brand with Mobile Photo Sharing

April 22, 2014

According to our Talent Trends 2014 Report, a company’s talent brand is most important to candidates considering a new job. You know what they say… a picture is worth a thousand words. So why tell prospects and candidates about your company’s talent brand, when you can show them?

That’s why I’m excited to introduce Mobile Photo Sharing via the LinkedIn Mobile App. Now when you’re on the go you can take photos using your mobile device and share them with your network using the LinkedIn Mobile App. Members who share images with their network are five times more likely to have other members engage with their update. So snapping and sharing photos with your network gives you a powerful new way to showcase your company’s talent brand.

Here are some ideas of snap-worthy moments you and your organization’s employees (don’t forget to get them involved) can capture with mobile photo sharing to bring your company’s talent brand to life:

1. Showcase what makes your company unique.

Do you have the type of lobby that leaves people talking? Or perhaps your office window overlooks a great view of the city. Think of what you would point out during a tour through the office and snap away.   

salesforce-viewThe view from the Salesforce headquarters

2. Show how you have fun.

Maybe the sales team won the cubicle-decorating contest with an outrageous concept, or you spotted the engineering team eating lunch outside on a gorgeous day. Whether it’s little things throughout the week or the big holiday party, there are plenty of ways to show you work hard and play hard.

hubspotThe Hubspot team celebrating Cinco de Mayo

3. Share what matters to your company.

Does your team get together to clean up coastlines, build homes or participate in a race that benefits a nonprofit organization? Grab your camera before you go!


Teradata employees volunteering at Family House

4. Spotlight events and speakers.

If you’ve just snapped a great candid shot at a job fair or a photo of your CEO speaking at the TED conference, let your network know about it.

Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman interviews Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of Wordpress, during a LinkedIn InSpeakers event

5. Feature teams working on cool stuff.

Perhaps the product team is hard at work on a neat new feature that lends itself to images, or maybe the graphics folks are playing around with some interesting concepts. Take a look around the office and snap a shot to share. Of course, use common sense in deciding what can be shared. It goes without saying that details of anything remotely proprietary should never be shared.

Mobile photo sharing on LinkedIn ensures that when your team is on the go, your talent brand comes along too. Photo sharing on LinkedIn for iPhone will be rolling out to all members over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!