Three Product Updates That Make Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent Even Easier, and You Even More Productive

April 10, 2014

Four-letter words have a bad reputation. You know my least favorite four letter word? Work. Most of us don’t like to work, but we all like to succeed. Recruiting top performers can be hard work, but it doesn't stop there. Retaining them can be challenging too.

That's why I'm excited to share that today at ConnectIn San Francisco I introduced three product updates that make recruiting and retaining top performers even easier, while making you even more productive and successful -- Recruiter Profile 2.0, the Recruiter Mobile enhanced iPhone app and new Android app, and Internal Job Recommendations.

Recruiter Profile 2.0

Over the last year, we’ve made several enhancements to both Recruiter and We began redesigning all of LinkedIn Recruiter last April, starting with the Homepage. More recently, we introduced several new features to that help members showcase their professional brands -- like the ability to publish posts, photos, videos and presentations to their profiles.

The new Profile page, which is the most viewed page within Recruiter receiving nearly one million member profile views daily, merges the best from both worlds. Its design is more modern and intuitive, like the Homepage, and it gives recruiters like you easier access to rich member information, which helps you more quickly find the best person for the job and uncover more meaningful ways to contact them -- increasing the likelihood of a response and hire.

Recruiter Profile

The Profile page’s most noteworthy new features are:

  • Recruiter Toolbar -- It puts the things you do most, like saving member profiles to clipboards and projects, adding notes, and attaching work files, in one place. The toolbar is anchored to the upper right hand corner of the Profile page, so it’s easily accessible as you scroll up and down member profiles.

  • “Similar Profiles” Module -- This algorithm analyzes the profile you’re reviewing and recommends very similar member profiles by comparing aspects like skills and expertise, education, and even career trajectory. That means the next time you find a great prospect, more great prospects will be right in front of you.

The rollout of the Profile page to English-language customers will be completed by the end of April. The rollout in other languages will be completed by the end of May. Take a tour of the page here.

Recruiter Mobile Enhanced iPhone App and New Android App

Forty-one percent of members access LinkedIn via mobile. Yet according to our research, only 13 percent of recruiters say they've invested adequately in mobile. That has limited your productivity because you can’t interact with candidates and hiring managers while on the go. We’re determined to change that. So in October we introduced the Recruiter Mobile iPhone app. Thousands of recruiters have downloaded it since then.

Today, we’re introducing the enhanced Recruiter Mobile iPhone app and a new Android App.

Recruiter Mobile on Andriod

The new native Android App includes the core features of the enhanced iPhone app -- like conducting searches and filtering results by location and team activity, sending and receiving InMails, adding notes, sharing member profiles with hiring managers, and managing member profiles in projects. Plus, iPhone app users can now view attachments -- like work examples -- in InMails. That feature will soon be available to Android app users as we enhance both apps in synch.

Both apps are free to existing Recruiter seat holders, and can be downloaded today from Google Play and the App Store or accessed via on your mobile device. Click here for more info.

Internal Job Recommendations

A greater percentage of the workforce is either actively looking for a job or open to talking to recruiters about relevant opportunities; even the ones who are “satisfied” with their jobs. We recently discovered that the top reason employees change employers is for “greater career advancement opportunities,” yet most companies overestimate employee awareness of their internal mobility programs by more than 2X. Plus, half of the employees we surveyed who recently changed employers said they would have stayed at their previous employer if there were an internal role that better fit their skills.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce Internal Job Recommendations. It increases employee awareness of internal job opportunities by placing jobs in front of relevant employees as they’re networking or beginning to look externally. Internal Job Recommendations will appear in the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” module on, corresponding emails, and even on your intranet via our new Internal Job Recommendations widget.

Many customers who participated in our Internal Job Recommendations charter program saw the number of employees engaging with their jobs on LinkedIn double or more. In fact, Johnson Controls saw employee engagement increase by more than 350 percent, and last month, more employees applied for an internal position via LinkedIn than conducted a search on the company’s internal search engine. Talent Sourcing and Attraction Manager of the Americas Mike Ganiere said, “This is a new, unique way to catch people where they’re spending time.”

But most importantly, customers have been making internal hires. Westpac Group, for example, has made nine hires using Internal Job Recommendations. “We not only received more internal applicants coming from LinkedIn, we also saw them moving through the process. And it’s been unbelievably simple,” said Recruitment Sourcing Manager Lee Robinson.

Here is the new module on the Jobs homepage:

Internal Job Recommendations

Internal Job Recommendations will soon be available for corporate customers with 100 or more Job Slots. For more information, please contact your LinkedIn sales representative.