Recruiting James Bond Style: 4 Tips for Using LinkedIn Recruiter More Efficiently

April 16, 2014

There was Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig and my personal favourite Sean Connery, but let’s be honest: James Bond would be James Bland without his trusted advisor - Q.

The wizards at Q Branch create gizmos and gadgets which are so vital, they save the day in almost every Bond movie ever made.  Q is the mentor behind these inventions which have not only ensured James Bond’s success, but resulted in him being an expert among his secret agent peers.

At LinkedIn, the Customer Success team and I aspire to be the modern day Q within the recruiting world. Our mission is to empower our Recruiter users to transform their “mission impossible” to “mission possible”. By sharing LinkedIn Recruiter insider tips and tricks, we do our best to enable customer success while sharing industry expertise along the way.

Here are some of our insider tips to empowering your success in the Recruiting world using LinkedIn:

Shaken NOT Stirred: The power of the “NOT” Boolean modifier

The “NOT” Boolean modifier is the most under-used search modifier in LinkedIn Recruiter. As LinkedIn is about quality not quantity, adding “NOT” to your search query allows you to narrow down your results to very specific candidates and removes matches you don’t want to see. For example, when you search for “java developers” your search results will consist of possible candidates - but also recruiters who happen to have the same keywords on their profile. Include “NOT recruiter” in your search string to eliminate some unwelcome noise from your results. Even James Bond can’t get through life without using it…he does order a martini shaken NOT stirred after all.

You Only Live Twice: Narrow your search in a second with Custom Filters

Well actually we only live once so let’s save you some time while on LinkedIn. Just like 007’s X-ray shades, Custom Filters allow you to filter your search results with one quick click. Within LinkedIn Recruiter you can use the refinement filters to narrow your results by factors such as location, company, industry and years of experience. The Custom Filter allows you to save these refinement filter settings and apply them to any search you perform with the click of a button. My staffing clients use this to pre-select a large number of locations they hire from and apply this saved Custom Filter to their searches without having to reselect the locations again. This saves you valuable time in LinkedIn Recruiter so you get to do a bit more living.

License to Kill….off your competition: The under-utilised Saved Search and Search Alerts

After investing some time in creating a Boolean search string and narrowing down results by using the refinement filters, you can click Save Search and rerun this search at any stage, saving you time which can be spent elsewhere. You can save an unlimited amount of searches. When you are saving your search you then have the option to set up Search Alerts. From my experience, Search Alerts are the most under-ulitised gadgets on LinkedIn. Just like Bond’s Cuban Radar System, setting up Search Alerts inform you instantly when someone new is on your radar. You are the first to be notified if someone new joins the network or someone updates their profile and they are now within the search criteria you entered.

Goldeneye: Get Informed when top candidates change their profile with Update Me

Do you ever look at a top candidate’s profile and wish you could be updated on any movements on their profile without having to remember to view their page every so often? Update Me does exactly this. This is a modern day 007’s wrist dart gun. Choose your target and follow their movements. You will be informed when your target makes any changes to their profile.

This is a class 4 sequence for success. Use these 4 tips to arm the efficiency of LinkedIn Recruiter, sending out a magnetic pulse destroying your competition. 

Your modern day Q – The Customer Success Team