Unexpected Ways to Make a Mark with Your Employer Branding

April 8, 2014

Creating a memorable and impactful employer brand is not only about HR-created videos that showcase your culture, social media updates and ad campaigns. Sometimes going outside the box and getting everyone in your company on board can produce the most powerful and exciting results.

If you’re not quite sure what thinking “outside of the box” is supposed to mean these days, I’ve picked out two great examples that really impressed me. Both companies below did an excellent job rallying employees to show off their personalities and talents, bringing their employer brands to life in the process:

1. Looping in hiring managers to do the sourcing for you:

Experience Commerce rolled out a campaign called “Mission Hiring.” The idea for the campaign came when the company had to hire 30 new people in 60 days but in their words “all of a sudden their HR went missing.” Instead of freaking out, Experience Commerce tapped into the fact that they are one of India’s coolest digital agencies and called the hiring managers to show off what it’s really like to work on their team. Now, you may think this is not that original, but check out the videos. My favorite is the “EC Copy Team” one, where the Hiring Manager plays the enigmatic Indian Cop: