4 Ways to Maximize Your Time in LinkedIn Recruiter

May 12, 2014

This post was written in collaboration with Maria Hardeman.

Time can be your worst enemy, especially in recruitment. However, when you manage your time effectively, you’re more successful, more in control, and have greater influence over the recruitment process.

To help you maximize your time using LinkedIn Recruiter, we advise you to check off these four manageable and needle-moving tasks which you can fit into five minutes each:

1. Respond to Your InMail

Regardless of how overflowing your inbox may be, always set aside time to quickly respond to passive candidates who message you back. Consider this: if a truly passive candidate responds to your well-crafted InMail to indicate they are not interested, there’s a good chance they are interested in you and/or your organization. Thank them for their time and set a reminder to follow-up with them in a few months. This person would be more likely to become a candidate in the future, thus saving search time down the road.

2. Review Reminders and Alerts

Every LinkedIn Recruiter seat holder has the ability to activate 50 search alerts. Take advantage of this feature because it can be one of your greatest time savers when it comes to looking for potential candidates. As you enable the reminders and alerts you will receive automatic notifications via email and in Recruiter when one of two scenarios apply: when new relevant profiles match your search parameters, or when members who have updated their profiles match your search parameters.

3. Check Jobs and Talent Matches

You’ve taken the time to post a job on LinkedIn but instead of then taking more time to build a great search string, let LinkedIn Recruiter do the searching for you. A well-written job description should result in up to fifty relevant Talent Matches (the automatic matching that occurs in Recruiter when you post a job) for every job slot used. While the individual matches might not become a candidate, remember they can likely offer referrals – all you have to do is ask.

4. Search the Network

Regardless of your industry expertise or your role (full-lifecycle recruiter, sourcer, or HR generalist), proactively searching for talent is important but also easily pushed aside. Take five minutes a day to search for and contact potential candidates who can offer referrals, leads to viable candidates. Don’t forget to take advantage of the many other tools also available to you in LinkedIn Recruiter, such as, Similar Profiles, People You May Want To Hire and People Also Viewed. These tools all help surface the right potential candidates to you without you having to do any additional work. This investment in your long-term talent pipeline will pay off quickly and save you time down the road.

Aside from the ways listed above, there are many ways to manage time and it doesn’t have to be complicated. One way of creating a successful time saving system is to use ABC Analysis. Assign your your tasks into one of three buckets:

A: Tasks that are important and urgent

B: Tasks that are important but not urgent

C: Tasks that are neither important nor urgent

Time management will not only reduce our daily stress but increase our chances of success. By following the ABCs and checking four manageable tasks off in your daily LinkedIn Recruiter session, you can ensure your time spent is effective and successful.

Executing your to-do’s in order of the ABCs will allow you to spend time on the more important and urgent tasks as opposed to the easiest tasks to be eliminated from our list, which aren’t always those of highest priority.