Modern Recruiters, It’s Time to Embrace Video

May 27, 2014

Recently I went to Cary, North Carolina to talk with Tim Johnson, Director of Recruiting at Epic Games. Tim and I held a webcast about the four fundamentals of modern recruiting.

One topic we covered was how the best recruiters today are uploading videos to their LinkedIn profiles, as well as to their Company and Careers Pages. These recruiters aren’t just telling people their companies are great places to work; they are showing them. Look at Emily Gabrian’s profile for inspiration.

Have you uploaded a video yet? It isn’t scary. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I put together this video of my adventure to Epic in just 15 minutes. Does it give a sense of what it’s like to work there? Yes. Did it cost a dime? No. (You may also be wondering, is the slide as fun as it looks? Yes!)

That’s my quick and dirty video, don’t laugh! I’m trying.

Another thing that the awesome recruiting team at Epic Games does well is a use existing video assets. For example, this video includes Epic founder Tim Sweeney explaining how its latest software release can help game developers.

Of course there is always the option to invest in a more polished talent brand video. Epic has done this as well, and features it on its LinkedIn Careers Pages.

This video is emotional: within nine seconds, a top programmer talks about wanting to work at Epic since he was 16. It also does a great job of showing how smart people come from all over the world to North Carolina, just for the chance to work at Epic.

So whether you take out your iPhone and start shooting, or commission a production team, one thing’s for sure: if you are a modern recruiter, it’s time you embrace video. I can’t wait to see what you create!

* A special thanks to Kate Reilly for helping put together this post

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