Talent42 Aims to Make Recruiting Technical Talent Easier

May 21, 2014

Let’s be honest – recruiting technical talent is pretty much like trying to impress the prom queen. Software engineers are in demand, and most of them get multiple recruiter advances every day. Not only is it hard to stand out, but in the worst case scenario your messages can even make it on engineering blogs like this one…not in a good way.

I recently spoke with John Vlastelica with Recruiting Toolbox, former technical recruiting leader at Amazon and Expedia, who is working hard to enable technical recruiters to be better at what they do. One of John’s biggest projects is the Talent42 National Tech Recruiting Conference to be held in Seattle on June 17-18. This is the third year Talent42 will run and the event is part conference, part training, with a 100% focus on how to find, engage, and recruit world class engineering talent. As John explained, the conference will let you “hear people talk about how they do what they do, not just why.”

Some of the highlights that you can expect at this year’s Talent42 are:

  • Sourcing labs: live sourcing lessons, where technical sourcing gurus sit down with conference participants and demonstrate how to work a real req and build a talent pipeline.
  • Best practices slam: a riff off of the poetry slam concept, the best practices slam will challenge audience members to get on stage and share their wins and insights as to what works when it comes to recruiting engineers.
  • Hearing from engineering leaders: the conference prides itself on getting actual engineers in house to share their perspective on great recruiting. This year a Head of Engineering at Facebook will be there and will share more about how he engages engineers to help the company recruit, and how the Facebook recruiting process “guarantees everyone is great.”
  • Top recruiters will share their perspective: Google’s Global Head of Tech Recruitment will share how they innovate to hire world-class engineers and keep the bar high across many geographies, and why and how they’re moving away from GPA- and puzzle-oriented interviewing.
  • Small company speakers: Beyond having names from some of the biggest tech companies, the conference will also offer sessions with the tagline “No brand, no budget, no problem” and will address how SMBs can compete against the big brands.

To keep things interactive and allow for productive networking, the conference limits the attendance only to 250 registrants. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Meetup.com, The Gap, Booking.com, and Disney are attending.  Save your Talent42 spot today and follow the Talent Blog come June 17-18 for detailed reports and tips from the conference.

* image by Bala Sivakumar

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