Talent Brand Competition Winners Revealed

June 20, 2014

Thanks to everyone who participated in our talent brand photo competition!

We really enjoyed seeing how companies worldwide can synthesize their talent brands into one creative photograph. Also, we were so impressed by the thoughtful and quality submissions, that we just couldn’t pick one winner -- we decided to reward the top 5 submissions. All of them will get a LinkedIn Career Page makeover.

You can see the 5 winning submissions below -- AC Lion, Manifest Digital, Laserfiche, TW Group and Access Intelligence. Though their talent brand pictures and descriptions, all of these companies highlight the importance of collaboration and camaraderie, as well as rewarding opportunities for employees.

Congratulations to all of them -- that’s whole lotta impressive talent branding in one blog post!

Manifest Digital


"Manifest's talent brand is chemistry. Not the chemistry you snoozed through in 11th grade, but the hard-to-define, harder-still-to-create combination of interconnected skill sets and personalities that make the best businesses hum. Formidable as individual elements, atom-smashingly potent when combined. We believe innovative work generated by the blending and binding of our disparate selves that – if we didn't know was actually chemistry – we'd swear was magic."



"Laserfiche’s talent brand is empowering. We believe in equipping each employee and user of our software to create lasting change in their communities so much that our annual conference is even named Empower. We strive to hire talented and energetic people and tailor jobs to fit them. That's why we encourage our employees to learn new skills, explore their interests, and discover a flair for innovation—because whether they’re a software developer or a marketing expert, we believe the best ideas grow when our staff has the freedom to seek them out."

AC Lion Digital Media Executive Search


"AC Lion's talent brand is Collaboration, Consensus & a soupcon of friendly Competition. We're not your average cube farm. We're a passionate group of super-smart, motivated people who work hard—and have a good time doing so. We just celebrated our 1st anniversary in our space with tagging a graffiti wall and a pinata (pinata is one of our running jokes) We don’t stand on ceremony, and everyone from top brass on down to latest rookie is expected to pitch in. That’s the AC Lion way--of building business teams (sales, marketing, product, client services, ad ops) for digital & emerging media."

The Warehouse Group


"TW Group talent brand is leading the way in promoting Retail as a Career! #retailcareers"

Access Intelligence


"Access Intelligence’s talent brand is about Making Work Rewarding, which is one of the nine Guiding Principles developed by our employees. We challenge our employees to strive for both personal and professional rewards by offering internal growth and accelerated career options, as well as a flexible, social, and casual office environment."

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