Over 2 Million North American Doctors and Nurses are on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 31, 2014

Not to start off the day with tough news, but if you are recruiting healthcare professionals, specifically doctors and nurses, it is only going to get harder.

Here are three themes that will alter dramatically the supply and demand of the healthcare talent over the next 10 years:

1. The passage of health care reform will increase the demand for physicians and nurses significantly. In fact, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges, the United States could see a deficit of 90,000 Doctors in 10 Years.

2. As the population in the United States is aging, so are our doctors who help provide care. In fact, nearly one-third of all physicians will retire in the next decade. (AAMC)

3. The continued shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) is expected to intensify as Baby Boomers age and the need for health care grows.

For some added commentary watch this video as Bob Stein from National Vision and Bobby Matthews from Mount Sinai Health System discuss their views on the connection between these recruitment success and patient outcomes.

So how can you find healthcare talent faster?

Take a look at the healthcare talent pool on LinkedIn. The rate of growth among healthcare professionals on the network has been more than incremental. In fact, there are more than 2 Million nurses and physicians with active LinkedIn profiles (up from 1 million a year ago).

Healthcare recruiting on LinkedIn

Additionally, as the infographic points out, compared to other industries, healthcare professionals are 34% more likely to place value on having good relationships with colleagues.

3 ways you can kickstart your healthcare recruiting efforts on LinkedIn:

1. Start harnessing the aggregate connectivity of your healthcare organization. Find simple ways to encourage employees to share information on open jobs or unique benefits you offer. One tactic would be to encourage all employees who have a LinkedIn profile to share a job to their networks at the same time; call it “share a job day.”

2. Start using LinkedIn for proactive talent searches, knowing that the breadth of healthcare talent is growing, and growing rapidly. Your competition has already figured this out!

3. Content is king. Download a copy of our latest e-book on Content Marketing and learn how to build a content plan that can get your message out to the growing number of nurses and doctors joining and participating on LinkedIn.

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