Red Hat, Raleigh, and Radical Tips for Modern Recruiters

July 17, 2014

Ok maybe “radical” maybe a bit too ambitious, but I do feel that the tips below will help you be a more engaging recruiter, who powerfully represents her company’s employer brand.

To find these tips, I travelled to Red Hat’s HQ in Raleigh, North Carolina, and worked with the recruiting team there to deliver a webcast based on LinkedIn’s Modern Recruiting Guide. It was a great experience to be in the office of an exciting company and hear advice from actual recruiters and key members of the employment brand team.

Here is the recap of the best tips you can apply as a recruiter to promote your company’s employer brand:

1. Always start with your story:

As a recruiter, your LinkedIn profile would be one of the most important places to tell not only yours, but your company’s employer brand story. 

I love Kristin Acrhbold’s profile. I asked Kristen, who is just 10 months into her job as a Red Hat recruiter how she has managed to knock it out of the park so quickly:

“When I first joined [Red Hat], I was so happily surprised to find we had this amazing employment brand team.  Laura and Jamie, and the employment branding team provided me with a template for my profile. The template is a simple messaging guideline, so that from the beginning, my profile was on-brand and on-message as part of the TA team, then I customized my page to tell my individual recruiting story.”

This is a great tip. If your team doesn’t have template consider asking your marketing folks for help. Or, just create a template. You can do it.

2. Be the first to use long-form publishing:

The blogging profile features on LinkedIn could be one of modern recruiters’ biggest opportunities. To date, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, and Jim Whitehurst (CEO at Red Hat), have all been able publish long-form content under our Influencer program.

Now you have the same capability.

LinkedIn is opening up our publishing platform, giving you a powerful new way to build your professional brand and also assess the brands of candidates. When you publish a post on LinkedIn, your original content becomes part of your professional profile and is shared with your network. You can follow people or have people follow you. To start publishing, just access the “pencil” icon on your LinkedIn home page where you would normally post a status update.

Jamie Williams, Senior Employment Branding Specialist had this to say about this new feature:

“As soon as the notifications came out about this feature, a few of our recruiters emailed us and expressed interest. Now, we’re thinking of ways that they could use the feature to benefit them in their recruiting and what we can do to help them.”

Keep your eyes on Red Hat’s employment branding team, I sense you will be seeing them harness this feature and content marketing for recruiters in innovative ways.

3. Stretch your canvas:

As a recruiter you have plenty of canvases for illustrating your company’s employer brand: namely your LinkedIn profile, your Company Page, and your job descriptions. Laura Murray from the Employment Branding team at Red Hat had this to say about making the company’s talent brand engaging:

“We are really trying to draw people in using bold images and graphics. We use images of our associates and include a lot of videos that highlight the culture here. We’re trying to give an accurate representation of working here by having real employees telling their own stories.”

As Laura suggests, you want to think visually. Use images and videos to give a real-world glimpse into your organization. If you can, share real employees telling their stories in their own words. Showcase your culture and what it means to work there. Also, remember your candidates are carrying around your LinkedIn Career Pages in their pockets. They are on their phones where their attention spans are short so make every word count.

So this may not be radical, but to be a modern recruiter follow the advice from Red Hat and the Modern Recruiters Guide to start with your story, harness new features like long form publishing, and stretch your canvas. Make it happen, I know you can and I am looking forward to seeing what you create.

* Image by Balfour Beatty Construction

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