Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Your Talent Brand [EBOOK]

July 14, 2014

Whether you have developed a successful talent brand or you are building one, content marketing is a concept that must be on your radar.

Typically, content marketing is defined as any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. At this point just substitute “customers” with “new employees” and you get the picture – content marketing refers to the content you put out to start a conversation with and attract prospects to your employer brand.

Content marketing matters because...

In today’s highly social era, people process information, make decisions and, yes, look for employment differently. They have an endless amount of information at their fingertips. They visit sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They visit company websites and Google News. They can easily find out who they know at a given company and reach out to get their input.

The most effective talent acquisition teams not only understand this shift, but they are actually using it to their advantage. They are thinking about jobs and companies like marketers think about products.

After all, if you think about it, a job and a company are a product. And recruiters have kind of always been marketers. They’ve marketed your company, its culture and values, a team and a specific role to the prospective employees they talk to every day.

Content marketing and social networks simply allow it to be done in a much more scalable way. Doing a great job with talent-related content can actually improve the efficacy of your recruiters since candidates can now do a lot of upfront education on your company and open roles before ever talking to a recruiter. Think of the difference in scale between one of your recruiters taking to candidates one-on-one about your company’s culture and values versus the scalability of putting that same information in a short 3-minute video or culture deck like this one.

A good talent brand content strategy can help ensure that those who do apply to your company are better qualified because they’ve self-selected to apply because of what they’ve learned about your company and its culture and values through the content you’ve shared.

Sounds great, but where do I start?

content marketing for talent acquisition recruiting
All that being said, we understand that getting started with leveraging content to attract exactly the talent you want can be a bit daunting so we’ve pulled together a new eBook, “5 Steps to Boosting Your Talent Brand Through Content: A Content Guide for Talent Acquisition Professionals.”

In the ebook you will learn how to plan out who you will target with your content, how to create a content calendar, how to curate/create content, as well as how to promote it and measure its success.

Check it out and let us know if you have any questions or comments – just email us at content-marketing-ebook@linkedin.com.