Don’t Miss These 7 Keynotes Streaming Live from Talent Connect

October 20, 2014

Talent Connect is kicking off today and more than 3,500 talent professionals are joining us in San Francisco. We are excited for 3 days filled with light-bulb moments, industry networking, and yes, some swanky parties.

If you didn’t get a chance to snag a ticket to San Francisco, we have the next best thing -- we are streaming live all the keynotes from the event. This means that you can join us this Tuesday and Wednesday, October 21st and 22nd, at Talent Connect Live and hear inspirational speakers like Arianna Huffington and Father Boyle and learn from industry leaders like Laszlo Bock from Google.

The live stream host, Ed Nathanson, will have backstage access to the speakers and will conduct exclusive interviews just for the steam. You can also get in on the online conversation by tweeting us at @hireonlinkedin with the hashtag #intalent, then keep an eye out for your message on-screen.

Still debating if you should join? Here is the schedule of compelling keynotes we will be streaming:

LinkedIn Executive Sessions
Tuesday, October 21st, 9am Pacific Time


Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

Wade Burgess VP Talent Solutions, LinkedIn

You should tune in… to hear all the latest LinkedIn news and announcements

You’ll learn… about LinkedIn’s vision for the future

You’ll feel… like you’ve got the inside track

Jeff Weiner joined LinkedIn as CEO in 2008 and, under his leadership, LinkedIn has expanded to 23 languages and 27 offices, grown its membership base from 33 million to more than 313 million members and increased its revenue to more than $1.5 billion in 2013. Wade Burgess joined in 2008, on the same day that LinkedIn launched the Recruiter product, and now leads the Talent Solutions organization globally. Join them for our opening executive sessions where they’ll share business updates, LinkedIn’s latest initiatives and reveal the company’s vision for the future.

The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age
Tuesday, October 21st, 9:55am Pacific Time

















Mike Gamson, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, LinkedIn

Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Lila Ibrahim, Chief Business Officer, Coursera

Trish Lukasik, Senior Vice President, PepsiCo

You should tune in… to hear from visionary leaders on how to fix the manager/employee relationship.

You’ll learn… how to build a lasting, innovative business by partnering with employees.

You’ll feel like… your company’s employees are allies on a tour of duty.

This executive panel will start a fascinating discussion on how to nurture the employer-employee relationship, described in Reid Hoffman’s recent book, The Alliance. As seasoned executives, Mike, Reid, Lila, and Trish will also be sharing their experiences and perspectives on how to source, nurture and retain top performing talent.

The Best Recruiter at Google
Tuesday, October 21st, 11:00am Pacific Time


Laszlo Bock Senior Vice President, People Operations, Google

You should tune in… because Laszlo is uniquely positioned to share how his company became THE employer of choice worldwide.

You’ll learn… how any organization can become a great place to work.

You’ll feel… like building a "self-replicating talent machine"

Google has topped LinkedIn’s Global InDemand rankings for the past 2 years, and has been named the #1 Best Company to Work for in the United States 6 times and named the top employer more than 100 times in 16 countries. In this session, Laszlo will will share insights and lessons about what it takes to to find, grow and keep the people who brought you Gmail, Chrome, Android, YouTube and more.

A Job Can Change a Life
Tuesday, October 21st, 11:30am Pacific Time


Father Gregory Boyle, Founder and Executive Director, Homeboy Industries

You should tune in… for inspirational words from the founder of the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program in the US.

You’ll learn… the truly transformative impact of a job.

You’ll feel… inspired by Father Greg’s message of kinship, boundless compassion, redemption, social justice and unconditional love.

Father Greg knows as well as every talent professional that a job can change a life. Almost 25 years ago, he founded Homeboy Industries, which employs and trains more than 300 former gang-members every year in seven social enterprises, from Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery to Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café. Now located in Downtown Los Angeles, Homeboy also provides a path to change and free, critical services to the 12,000 people who walk through the doors every year seeking a better life. Learn more about Homeboy Industries here.

Becoming a Critical Partner to the Business
Wednesday, October 22nd, 12:35pm Pacific Time


Jennifer Shappley,  Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

Melanie Curtis, Vice President, Talent Management and Organization Development, Express Scripts

You should tune in… for tangible takeaways to impact your organization’s business strategy

You’ll learn… how to get your business leadership to view recruiters as "talent consultants"

You’ll feel… like you’re ready to earn a seat the the executive table.

Jennifer Shappley and Melanie Curtis from Express Scripts have led their Talent Acquisition team at Express Scripts to become critical partners in building company strategy. They’ll share the challenges they faced on their journey to the executive table, and how they overcame these. Whether you work for a fellow Fortune 100 company or a fledgling startup, you'll walk away from this session inspired.

The Lean Machine: Recruiting Excellence for All
Wednesday, October 22nd, 1:10pm Pacific Time


Suzanne Myers, Director of Talent Acquisition, RealPage, Inc.

Mathew Caldwell, Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Mozilla

You should tune in… for innovative ideas on recruiting with minimal resources

You’ll learn… how to build lean, highly efficient, productive recruiting team

You’ll feel… like you can get a competitive edge, whatever the size of your company

With very little budget for employer branding  and support from marketing, RealPage grew their employer brand by telling their story internally and turning their recruiting team into a sales team, while Mozilla has built lean recruiting team, whose efficiency and productivity have given the company a strong competitive edge in the talent marketplace.

Redefining Success: The Third Metric That Can Benefit Your Bottom Line
Wednesday, October 22nd, 1:40pm Pacific Time


Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post Media Group

You should tune in… because Arianna is a legend in online news and business, and a pioneer in changing how we perceive success.

You’ll learn… how to be more productive and successful, without sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing.

You’ll feel… like you can have it all.

Arianna Huffington is recognised worldwide as one of the most influential women in business, as founder of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Huffington Post website, and nationally syndicated columnist and author of 14 books, in addition to being named in both the Forbes Most Powerful Women list and TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. She will close Talent Connect 2014 with a compelling keynote on how to redefine your idea of success by shifting success metrics from money and power to overall wellbeing and happiness.

Register now for Talent Connect Live to make sure you don’t miss these sessions. The show will run from 9 am – Noon PST on Tuesday, October 21 and from 12:30– 2:30 pm on Wednesday, October 22.