Our Oprah Moment: Giving Away 4,500+ Talent Pool Reports at Talent Connect 2014

October 20, 2014

Over my five-year tenure doing research & analytics for LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions business,  I’ve learned a few things about our customers, including:

  1. Talent Acquisition professionals LOVE Talent Pool reports, and
  2. Each business has its own unique hiring priorities

In past years at Talent Connect, the LinkedIn Insights team has hand-crafted 10-15 Talent Pool reports to share with attendees. For each report, we isolated a sought-after group of professionals based on expertise and region, and provided key insights about them using LinkedIn data, including: regional supply and demand, seniority distribution, new grads, top schools and fields of study, top five factors in choosing a job.

And each year when we released reports, we heard similar feedback from attendees:

  • This talent pool report for Software Engineers is great!
  • Do you have one for Embedded Engineers?
                    Network Engineers?
                                ASIC Engineers?
                                      Left-handed Sound Engineers who speak German?

Well, we can’t yet meet EVERY data challenge that a business may have, but today we’re one step closer. Thanks to the 100x automation efforts of Anil Aktaran, Ryan Milhous, and Jennie Chen, the LinkedIn Insights team is excited to announce that attendees of Talent Connect 2014 will have access to talent pool reports covering over 4,500 distinct professional audiences on LinkedIn, including . . .

And many, many, many more!  Which means . . .

YOU get a talent pool! AND YOU get a talent pool! AND YOU get a talent pool! EVERYONE GETS A TALENT POOL!!

Attendees of Talent Connect San Francisco can download or print any Talent Pool report at the LinkedIn Insights Booth on Level 2 of Moscone Center West. Similarly, attendees at Talent Connect London (12th-13th of November) can do so at the Insights Booth titled ‘House of Data.’

The top 20 reports based on talent pool size are also available now on SlideShare at lnkd.in/TalentDemand

After Talent Connect, contact a Talent Solutions Specialist to find the talent pool reports that best fit your unique hiring challenges.

* image by g3Tography