Photos: Best Moments of Talent Connect 2014, Day 2

October 22, 2014

It’s a wrap for day 2 at Talent Connect San Francisco and “it’s been fierce,” as one of attendees put it.

The day kicked off with a delicious breakfast and it kept getting better.

Within the span of 3 hours in the morning, the attendees got to hear from Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn), Laszlo Bock (SVP of People Operations at Google), Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), leaders from Pepsi and Coursera, and LinkedIn executives Pat Wadors and Wade Burgess. The keynotes ended with a standing ovation for the inspirational Father Gregory Boyle and his story of helping former gang members find jobs that transformed their lives.

Here are the full photo highlights from the day:

1. First thing in the morning, most attendees poured into the keynote hall to snag good seats. Others were polishing their LinkedIn profiles with a free consultation.


2. A band warmed up the audience before the keynotes kicked off.


3. Wade Burgess, VP of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, took the stage to talk about the latest relevancy and fit search improvements that LinkedIn is piloting.


4. Pat Wadors, Head of HR at LinkedIn, led a fireside chat with Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn's CEO. Jeff shared the 4 As that according to him make a great hire: analytical capability, adaptability, agility, and authenticity.



5. Mike Gamson, Head of LinkedIn's Sales Organization, moderated a compelling panel with Reid
Hoffman, Lila Ibrahim (Coursera) and Trish Lukasik (Pepsico), discussing how the employer-employee relationship should evolve.


6. Laszlo Bock, SVP of Human Operations at Google, took the stage to reveal the secret sauce behind Google's hiring success. One of the keys: shift power away from hiring manager and give it to a hiring committee.


laszlo bock at talent connect google hiring

7. Father Boyle received a emotional standing ovation for his speech on how jobs transform the former LA gang members he works with.



8. A few levels below the keynote hall, the 3D art project is taking shape. It will be finalized on day 3 of the events.



9. During lunchtime, the attendees gathered around tables with different themes, reflecting their secret skills and talents. Probably a it's a good investment getting to know the people on these dollar sign tables.



10. In the afternoon, Mike Bailen, Head of Talent at Zappos, and Stacy Zapar, Candidate Experience and Engagement Strategist, discussed Zappos disruptive move to get rid of their career website and open up the Inside Zappos talent community.



11. Recruiters were eager to ask in-depth questions to gather even more insights from the speakers.



12. Lars Schmidt moderated a panel discussing how small and mid-sized business can boost their talent brand.

lars-panelPanelists: Anita McFadden, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Covidien, Kristen Lampert, Assistant Vice President, Ziegler, J.T. O'Donnell, CEO, CAREEREALISM Media, Ron Storn, VP, People, Lyft.

13. And at 6pm it was time to get the party started. Attendees gathered at Pier 27 to let their hair down, try out some gourmet San Francisco cuisine, and take in the beautiful views. The rumor has it that recruiters have some impressive dance moves too, but these photos are coming up in another post.