Photos: Best Moments of Talent Connect 2014, Day 3

October 23, 2014

Alas, Talent Connect San Francisco has officially come to an end.

Final breakout sessions filled the morning hours of Day 3 at the conference with keynote presentations taking place in the afternoon. The keynotes kicked off with an informative presentation from Jennifer Shappley (Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Express Scripts) and Melanie Curtis (Vice President of Talent Management at Express Scripts). Next, Mathew Caldwell (Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Mozilla) and Suzanne Myers (Director of Talent Acquisition at RealPage, Inc.) took the stage and provided attendees with even more insights and ideas.

The last hour of the conference was filled with an inspirational speech from the lovely Arianna Huffington (Chair, President and Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post Media Group).

Here are the photo highlights from the final day at Talent Connect San Francisco:

1. After 3 days in the making, the completed 3D art project welcomed attendees as they arrived bright and early for breakout sessions.


2. Stacey Donovan Zapar moderated a panel discussing how businesses can build winning candidate experiences and attendees were eager to ask questions.


candidate_experience_panelPanelists: Mark Alfaro (Senior Product Recruiter at LinkedIn) Anil Gidh (Vice President & Head - Talent Acquisition & Resourcing at Capgemini), Matthew Jeffery (Head of Global Talent Acquisition Strategy & Innovation at SAP) and Kristina Shedd (Director of Global Hiring at Sapient).


3. Our enthusiastic DJ kept things rolling between sessions.


4. Citi's Linda Descano spoke with LinkedIn's Romaine Buck about cultivating the next generation of women in leadership.



5. Interviews with speakers took place throughout the day in Studio 365. You can find these and more on our new Talent Connect 365 page.


6. Attendees played connect the dots and revealed some of history's greatest innovators.



7. Those that hadn't already rocked their LinkedIn profiles stopped by the booth for new profile pictures and tips.


8. The conference hall was packed and attendees took some final pictures and settled themselves in for the keynotes.



9. Melanie Curtis and Jennifer Shappley were first-up and discussed how they've gotten their recruiting function a seat at the executive table at Express Scripts.


10. Mathew Caldwell and Suzanne Myers discussed how their companies have built great employer brands on small budgets.



11. Arianna Huffington encouraged everyone to unplug and recharge in order to find true joy in both work and life outside the office.


12. And, of course, a final "selfie" had to be taken to close out Talent Connect San Francisco.