A Challenge to Recruiters This Veterans Day

November 11, 2014

Our calendars tell us that November 11th is the day we are to honor the men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. How we choose to celebrate and honor those men and women is what makes the day so special.

There are a many events that recognize veterans each November. No one event is more right or wrong compared to another. We all have our own histories, stories, experiences, and feelings about military veterans. We all have things that are important to us, and the way we express ourselves is what produces such a great day. Parades, concerts, events, speakers, handshakes, and discounts all happen in such a short window of time that they create a whirlwind of emotion. It isn’t about commercialization, it’s about using the platform we have and the audience we reach to create our own celebration on this day.

As members of the Talent Acquisition community, we have the opportunity to use what we are good at to make an impact. We hold two things that can make a tremendous impact to someone: our time and our networks.

On Veterans Day, I challenge you to say thank you and donate two hours of your time. Connect with two veterans and spend an hour with each of them. This isn’t implying that you write or re-write someone’s resume or do a hiring interview. This is to simply connect with two veterans. They could already be in your network, or they could be complete strangers who you bring into your network. Our ability to connect and create an impact comes in many shapes and forms.

Remember, not everyone is looking for an interview—some are looking for career guidance, some are looking for business advice, and some are looking for support in other areas of life. The knowledge and networks we as individuals possess is much more valuable if we can share it with others. Meet a veteran, ask what he or she needs, and use your existing knowledge to provide an answer. Or tap into your network and connect a veteran with someone who can offer guidance or support.

On Veterans Day, the opportunity to celebrate and recognize military veterans could be tremendously impactful so here is a quick guide to what you can do:

  • Make an update on LinkedIn about your desire to connect with two veterans.
  • Commit a small amount of time with each of them and ask what you can do to help.
  • Provide guidance, answers, and resources for them. Or connect them to someone in your network who can meet their needs.

Something as simple as sharing our insight in how to search for a new career, recommending a non-profit organization we know, or talking about different industries and what careers look like in those industries might be just the advice a veteran needs to take that next crucial step. This isn’t about our job posting needs. This is about saying “thank you” with an action.

Our ability to connect with people is what makes us great performers in the recruiting industry. This Veterans Day, share your knowledge and expertise and we – as an entire industry­ – will create a memorable way to recognize those who have chosen to serve.

* image by US Army