5 Unique Features of LinkedIn Recruiter That Will Make Your Job Easier

December 4, 2014

More than 30,000 companies worldwide use LinkedIn to recruit and many of them rely on LinkedIn Recruiter to find the best candidates.

If you've ever wondered what benefits you get from LinkedIn Recruiter, compared to the free access to LinkedIn.com, here are 5 unique features that only LinkedIn Recruiter offers:

1. Profile Recommendations: Algorithm-based candidate suggestions to help you fill roles quickly

In Recruiter, there are five different pages where we recommend prospects who might be a fit for your role or company.  These include People You May Want to Hire, Similar Profiles, Profile Matches for your posted jobs, People Also Viewed and Suggested Professionals.

Each of these recommendation engines is based on unique algorithms that are fine-tuned based on your interaction with and usage of the product. In addition, these suggestions are contextual (based on where you are in the product) and personalized (based on your role and what activity you are performing while in the product).

Since Recruiter leverages machine learning and adjusts based on your usage behavior, the more you use the product, the smarter the algorithm becomes. This means more relevant candidate results for you.


2. Update Me: Giving you visibility into changes prospects make to their public profiles so that you can engage them in a timely way

LinkedIn members make over 3 Billion updates to their public profiles every single month. Each of these updates can be used as a signal to gauge the growth trajectory, accomplishments, career moves, and professional aspirations of talent.

The “Update Me” feature in LinkedIn Recruiter allows recruiters to get notified when prospects make updates to their public LinkedIn profile pages. These could be changes to a headline or experience, education or a skill, an honor received, an update to their contact information, or a new job.

Having visibility into updates enables recruiters to stay apprised of prospects’ activities and career progress, helping them turn a cold lead into a warm prospect and a warm prospect into a qualified hire.

You can learn more about this feature here.

3. Talent Updates: Ability to send targeted messages through the LinkedIn update stream and nurture prospects

Talent Updates let recruiters share status updates – from recruiting events to company blog posts to employee videos – with their company’s followers, right from their LinkedIn Recruiter seat. This means that the next time a company follower visits LinkedIn, he will see your company’s updates in his homepage feed, in his mobile feed and on your Company Page. The updates company followers like, share, or comment on will be shared with their connections, helping to extend the content’s visibility.

In addition, the recruiter will be able to see which followers and connections like, share, or comment on the updates. They can then add the commenters to the talent pipeline and/or contact them in a more meaningful way, which increases the likelihood of a response and hire.

Check out this blog post on Talent Updates to learn more and start nurturing talent.

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4. Connection Path: Visibility into how you are connected to the candidate to easily gauge candidate “fit”

While finding an interesting profile with the right skills can be quick, knowing whether a prospect would be a good fit for the team or the company is harder, but also essential. The Connection Path module in LinkedIn Recruiter helps make this easier. This function is comprised of two modules – How you are connected and Inside Opinion.

“Your connections” This module helps see how you may be connected to a profile you are evaluating. This could be through your first degree or second-degree connection. Knowing this relationship can help you reach out to your network to get some further color on the prospect.

“Your coworkers”: The “Your Coworkers” tab on profile page in LinkedIn Recruiter suggests colleagues at the user’s company who “overlapped” with the prospect at prior jobs or academic institutions. Insight from colleagues who know the prospect can be extremely valuable, whether you are at the beginning of the recruiting process or getting ready to hire.

Note that access to this feature is optional and can be activated or deactivated by an Administrator on your Recruiter account. More details on this feature (previously called Inside Opinion) can be found here.


5. InMail Recipient Insights: Data that will allow you to personalize your InMails and see your response rates rise

Highly sought-after passive talent on LinkedIn frequently tells us that there are few things worse than getting a message from a recruiter that has little context in a boiler-plate template. Don’t’ make this mistake. Instead, establish trust with someone who may not be actively looking for new opportunities by crafting personalized InMail messages that establish a real connection with the prospect.

LinkedIn Recruiter makes it easy for you to get the info you need to send a tailored, personalized, one-to-one InMail by showing you aspects you have in common with the person. These include connections in common, academic institutions or previous employers in common, and LinkedIn Groups that you both may be a part of. Data shows the sender is 21% more likely to get a response from a prospect when the InMail is sent to someone with whom they share a Group. And, referencing a former employer in common increases the chances of getting an InMail response by 27%.

You can use this eBook to learn more tricks and tips on message personalization and ways to improve InMail response rates.

If you are a LinkedIn Recruiter user, leverage these tips and benefit from the efficiency gains. If you are a professional recruiter but not a LinkedIn Recruiter customer, now you have some insight into the added benefits that our top-end product delivers.

Happy hunting.

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