Indian Talent Leaders Gear Up for New-Age Recruiting in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 1, 2014

We are excited to release the 2015 Recruiting Trends Report for India. This year, we surveyed 300+ decision makers to talk about their latest initiatives and get a glimpse into their plans for the future.

The overall optimism in the Indian market is felt in hiring as well, with hiring volume and budgets slated to increase in 2015. While social recruiting and employer branding will play an important role this year, Indian talent leaders are adopting social, mobile and data in planning and execution.

Based on our research, these are the exciting trends shaping hiring for India Inc. next year:

1.Mobile is here to stay, and recruiting is no exception

Your candidates are on mobile, are you? With 41% of candidates looking for opportunities on mobile and 31% applying for jobs via mobile, talent leaders are looking at making the recruitment process mobile-friendly. While most agree that mobile optimization of career sites and job postings is essential, organizations are yet to take concrete steps in that direction.

What can you do? Rather than just focus on technology, plan the entire interaction between you and the candidate. Learn about the 3 stages of a mobile recruiting experience, through the eye of a candidate in this Mobile Recruiting Playbook.

2. Social recruiting closes gap with traditional sources of quality hires

While job boards and employee referrals are traditionally considered great sources for quality hires, talent leaders are increasingly using social professional networks to scout for quality talent, and succeeding at that. Though India is a late entrant in social recruiting, more companies here are finding their perfect hire on social professional networks than their global counterparts. Indian talent leaders believe that social recruiting is here to stay and are willing to invest in it for the long term.

What can you do? Ensure social recruiting is a part of your recruiting mix and hiring plans for next year. Get started, identify the roles or skills you want to hire through social professional networks, build a team of sourcing champions and use data of talent supply and demand, available in talent pool reports, for targeted search.

3. Employer brands get socially engaged

Social professional networks have emerged as the #1 channel for companies to tell their talent story. 79% of talent leaders in India say that talent brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent, while lack of brand awareness or interest in employer brand is cited as one of the top 3 and fastest growing obstacles to finding quality talent. As hiring volumes increase along with competition for high performing (HiPo) candidates, leaders are recognizing the impact of talent brand in attracting talent.

What can you do? Think and act like a marketer.Tell an exciting talent story that is unique to your organization. Ensure that it is communicated in a personalized way, at a relevant time and at a regular frequency to woo your preferred candidate. Use your most powerful brand ambassadors -- your employees -- to spread your story. Learn more on how you can build your employer brand with the Employer Brand Playbook.

4. Indian Talent leaders use data effectively

Over 50% of Indian leaders believe they use data well to understand talent acquisition effectiveness and identify opportunities. Indian companies lead global peers in using a data driven approach to hiring.

What can you do? Think and act like a Numerati or data guru. Use data driven insights and analysis to aid decision making. Find out where you stand versus peers, map talent flows, as industry definitions blur, find out whom you are winning or losing talent to.

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If you’re wondering how mobile is shaping Indian recruiting or how SMB’s differ from large enterprises or want to know about trends shaping student recruitment, download the full India Recruiting Trends 2015 report, and plan ahead.